UPDATE! I've found the source code for QMarines, previously lost, on an old backup CD of mine, and I'd like to dust the project off now that the Quake2 engine has been released. Watch this space!

Thanks to everyone that's showed support for the mod. I've been surprised that I've received any e-mail about it, and it's really heartening to know that there's people out there still having enough fun with QM to play the mod. Thanks you guys. Makes it feel worth while to have done this. You guys rock.

Something that's a few years overdue: Here's the download links to the final version. Someone e-mailed me about them tonight, and, much to my surprise, the final version is already mirrored over FilePlanet.

QMarines Final Version (0.99.98)

-- Charles "psykotik" Pence, lead programmer, designer, webmaster, and everything else.