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  New forums up - Flax
Well, I completely failed to move the old forums over to the new forums, so the board is looking a bit sparse. You can access the new forum here, so if you have a question or a problem with the mod that's the best place to ask about it.
  We're in! - Flax
We've been locked out of the server since there were a couple of problems with boxes gamespy are hosting them on last year. I got the new passwords today (my fault it took so long), so I can start putting stuff back together. The forum needs converting to something else, but hopefully that should be working again within a couple of weeks...
  Some more QMD news - Flax
Since retiring from mapping last year QMD has still been around on IRC a fair bit.
He's now decided that he feels it's neccesary to give up the internet, and plans on being netless at home for atleast a year. Tommorow (March 1st) the cable guy is coming to unplug him, so theres no turning back :(

QMD has been working on a quake map of his appartment since last year, and it still isn't terminated, but he's sent some screenshots you might want to look at and promises when he does complete his map we'll hear about it.

It's gonna be a lot quieter without QMD around, but good luck to him with improving his social life with the extra hours this should free up :)
We look forward to seeing you again in a year, QMD. It's been good!
  Small Update - Flax
We have created a small update for Quake Matrix 0.5 that fixes a few problems. For details see this forum post. There are links to the files in the post, and also under the files section of the website.
  Not really an update - Flax
I signed up to some top100 site today, I think I'm supposed to make a button to the link but I cba right now so heres the link:
I heard a rumor that clicking it might rid the internet from spam, its probally false, but whats the harm in trying? :D
Oh, you should also probally click it if you like the mod, or like clicking links!
  A Sad Day For QMatrix - Flax
QMD has decided to call it a day, and is retiring from the mapping scene. This is partly because of of health and personal reason, but he also feels he needs to move on. QMD has helped the mod with his amazing mapping skills, and constant enthusiasm. We will miss QMD, but if he feels this is what he needs to do we will support his decision.

QMD created an FAQ designed to help people who are trying to learn how to use the mapping program worldcraft. Up till now this has been hosted on QMD personal website, which will be going offline in the future. We will be hosting a copy of QMD's WC FAQ here so that people will be able to read it and learn from it in the future. You can read it here.

You can read QMD's leaving message at
  Happy birthday lame! - Flax
It's Lame's 18th today, so happy birthday to him! :D
  Merry Xmas + New Year - Pred@toR
On behalf of the entire Quake Matrix team I would like to wish everyone a very merry christmas, and a safe 'n prosporous new year.

Hope you get all the prezzies you were hoping for :P I'm still waiting on the McLaren....
  QMD's Website - Flax
QMD has just updated his website, which now includes a pretty cool worldcraft FAQ page, sharing everything he learnt while making the mxhotel map (his first worldcraft map).
  My Birthday :D - Pred@toR
w00t! I'm finally 17 now, just another year till I can legally buy alcohol. I didn't get that McLaren F1 I told mum to get for my birthday though... bitch. Anyways I just cruised over to my fav search engine a few mins ago and it just had it's fourth birthday today aswell, go Google! Still the best. One last thing contribute $$$ to the "buy todd a mclaren f1 fund", email me for it's postal address. Bye.
Birthday Boy!

  Happy Birthday - Lame
today is flax's birthday \o/ just turned 16 :P happy birthday indeed :)
Birthday Boy!

  Quake Matrix 0.5 Released - Flax
0.5 is up and ready! You can download it now from here!

If you have any ideas for the future, find a bug, or are just bored and want to laugh at us, say something on the forums, or join our IRC channel (#qmatrix on

If you were expecting a 0.4 to 0.5 update, we looked at making one, but the difference in filesize wasn't much at all.

And one last time, some of the features you can find in 0.5:
21 New Maps
9 New Weapons
Matrix style jumping
New "The One" powerup
3 New singleplayer enemys: Agents, cops and soldiers.
Multiplayer Frikbots
Custom sounds, skins and 4 new models (Agent, Neo, Trinity and Morpheus)
Slowdown with bullet rings
Locational Damage
Walking on walls (Improved since 0.4)
All New guns
Flip Jumps and Back Flips off walls
Concentration System
Matrix Jumping (Improved since 0.4)
In-Game Menu
  New screenshots - Flax
Some new screenshots from our upcoming 0.5 release:

Neo, Agent Smith and Trinity on QMD's mxhotel map.

Lames mxwaste map.

I've updated the about page with 0.5 info, and theres 2 more screenshots there. More later.
  We have a release date! - Flax
Unless something big happens to stop us, we will be releasing Quake Matrix 0.5 on Monday 9th.
  Quake Matrix 0.5 - Flax
QMDs new map, mxhotel has just been finished, so Quake Matrix 0.5 is ready for a release. It will hopefully take less than a week to get everything zipped up and uploaded, and wait for the files to be mirrored.

I'll get an exact release date up when i've spoken to the others.
  Take that evil bugs!!!! - Flax
I've finished debugging the code (unless anyone has some new bugs for me?) so we just need to check the maps/documentation to make sure their up to date, zip it and upload the file (just over 10MB Zipped).

I'm off to make a list of all the new stuff since 0.4, I'll post it in my dev journal when its done (Click on my name on the left bar)
  (Yey another) Delay - Flax
Well, we found some multiplayer bugs, and i'm working on fixing them right now. I have a holiday this week, so hopefully i'll get it finished. QMD is currenty working on what is looking like quite a nice map.
  Quake Matrix 0.5 is nearly here - Flax
Well, this time it just needs testing and then probably bug fixing. Should hopefully be ready within a week.
  Birthday Boy - Pred@toR
It just happens to be roachie's birthday everyone, he just hit the big fifteen. So everyone wish him a happy birthday :D

Birthday Boy!
  Buy our stuff.. - Lame
well, im sorry in advance we were bored ok doesn't make it right i know but some of this stuff is pretty dammed cool.
Visit our Cafepress Store
again im sorry :)

but if anyone does buy this stuff we want mug shots and now dammit :P
  Models Ingame! - Pred@toR
I just though I would post an image of all the characters that have been made by Random. Flax has coded them ingame, so you can expect them in v0.5 when it comes out. Click the thumbnail for full size picture.

Current Characters!
  Oooops!! - Pred@toR
The links to the files were all wrong, sorry about that, the file section has been updated so you are welcome to download v0.4 of Quake Matrix. And please do not hesitate to post in our forum.
  New Site and latest on 0.5! - Flax
Well done to pred@tor for the new site, it looks great. We have a new forum so all the old messages are gone and you'll need to sign up again, but I think the new one is a lot better. We also now have dev journals if you click on our profile on the right. The new news/dev journal system preds set up makes it alot easier to post news, so we can update the news more often now.

Well, I've finally fixed the big bug that stopped us from releasing 0.5 when we were going to, but i'm half way though adding some more stuff now :).
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