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Team Profile - Pred@toR
Nickname: Pred@toR
Position or Skill: Webdesigner and Mapper
Location: Down Under
ICQ: 102450532
MSN Messenger:
AIM: xtoddz
Fav Song: Linkin Park - In The End
Wordz of Wisdom: Life is a cookie!

Completed Work : Website, Forum, mx_theone, and mx_getout

Development Journal

  Ford Chicks Rule!! - Pred@toR
Went to the Bathurst 1000 a couple of weeks ago to barrack for my fav racing team, Ford, who unfortunately lost to Holden who outright had the better drivers - not the better cars. Anyway not only does ford have the better cars they managed to prove they had the better chicks, far out they did alright. The holden chicks were hot and all but they were wearing tracksuits! That was the main reason all the holden fans were getting pics with the ford chicks hehe. Anyways me and my workmate who took me there got a pic with two of the four extremely *hot* female specimens. Click on the thumbnail below to check it out.

Ford Chicks
  w00t! QMatrix Success - Pred@toR
QMatrix 0.5 is a success, with receiving nearly a thousand downloads when I checked just before. Now i was wondering if anyone has uploaded QMatrix to their FTP's? If so send me the url here. And i'll list you as a mirror so you can recieve lots of hits hehe.
  QMatrix Update - Pred@toR
The beta for the new version has been released within the team members so any day now it should be released, sorry to drag on the release date for 0.6 but please wait. The longer you wait the better it will be :)
  Funny Story - Pred@toR
Went to breakdancing the other night and i'll tell you a funny story. This mate of mine who owns this old commodore was tricked by the former owner that it had NOS in it lol, he pulled down the air conditioner temp thingy, and this green light came on and he hit some button or something and even though it made no difference to the car i played along. I found it quite funny really, it will be a suprise for him when he finds out it doesn't have any NOS in it heh.

Anyways nothing else to report on concerning QM, personally i ahve been doing fuck all :S laters.
  Stuff, and more Stuff - Pred@toR
Well lately I have done shit all for Qmatrix hehe, just waiting for v0.5 mainly. It's taking alot longer than I thought to be released, lotsa bugs I guess :) Well just renember the longer it takes to bring out the better it will be.

Oh yeh i got myself an XBOX hehe, well not yet it's on layby for 2 months and i get it on my birthday. I also have on layby Halo + Remote control. That means on my birthday i will have the worlds most advanced Console in my clutches, shits on the Gamecube, PS2, Dreamcast, etc. THE POWER!!! Muhahahahah!!
  Cruising - Pred@toR
I'm @ school just thought I'd do a post, when I get home I'll be working some more on the help file. I have also been doing a bit of beta testing on 0.5, so far it is damn good :) Oh yeh I nearly forgot that I did a new splash screen for when Quake Matrix executes, i'll post it in my journal when I get home if I renember so you's can take a p33k. Well better get back to this GFX work heh, laters for now.
  Perpetual Nothing - Pred@toR
*yawn* Well it's 10:59pm, I'm tired as but couldn't be bothered going to bed. Got a lan party tomorrow, so I can get some more Jedi Knight 2 and Ghost Recon action hehe. This post has no real meaning at all i just realised and i don't know why i am posting at all. So yeh... cya's in the irc.
  Update - Pred@toR
After I have done everythign I possibly can to do with the site/forum etc. it's mapping time >:) I have a few uncompleted maps back in my editor's folder so I'll finish them off. First theirs a CTF map, so Flax better code CTF support into the mod heh, and then theirs a 'yet to be named map' which starts off in the lobby and you go up the elevator onto the roof. On the roof you goto a helicopter which takes you to the building of which Morpheus is being held prisoner. Still working on that elivator in the map though :/ That's all i got to say for now.

- Pred
  Journal Test - Pred@toR
Testing my dev journal, if you can see this post then the Dev Journal works perfectly.

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