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[the quake prefab park]


Ok - this is what the site is all about - prefabs. The 'now full' menu on the left indicates the different groups of prefabs to choose from - now standing at Seven Groups.

Hopefully, in the near future, that list will have to be redesigned to accomodate hundreds of groups...(well, at least 10)

I will need help to keep this list rocking ! -
if you have an urge to create a prefab group, please go ahead and do so, the more the merrier.
You can also create seperate items which I'll put into the misc items section (the biggest and most visited).
Refer to the Feedback section for more information on creating prefabs and sending them in - you'll receive full credits for your prefabs and a link to your website/levels etc as well as a pentium 666 mmx complete with a 666 speed cdrom and 666dfx video card from satan computers inc.

Well that's about it for now - hope you find the prefabs useful.


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