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Quake 2 Scene Builder by Pat Simmons
Sunday March 7, 1999

Seems that a number of people are having trouble downloading the new version. I just checked and it appears that the N. California site is working. Sometimes it takes a few days for the mirrors to update to please be patient.


Saturday March 6, 1999

Version 1.9 is now available! Download it Here

QSB now supports Half-Life.

I have also added support for Sprites. Sprites are two dimensional objects that are usually transparent and often animate. They can be used to make lights appear to glow. You can add fire, explosions and many other special effects to your scenes using Sprites.


Sunday February 21, 1999

New Gallery Pics Here they are!


Friday February 19, 1999


I would like to start off by apologizing for the lack of updates both to QSB and the gallery. Next I would like to thank all of the staunch QSB supporters for the great email that I have been receiving lately.

There will be another version of QSB! I am real close to releasing a beta (within 2 weeks if all goes as planned). The major enhancements in this release are support for Half-Life and support for sprites. I have also fixed a number of bugs and changed VWep support so that weapons for the addon packs and Action Quake are now available.

In the meantime, here is a link to another great Quake Scene site: Action Art


Sunday January 17, 1999


Instead of a Gallery update this month, I want to point you all in the direction of The Enforcer's great Scene Page GIB:Quake II Scenes
This site is awesome! Not only does The Enforcer display his own art, but included in the Gallery are Scenes from other QSB artists.


Sunday January 10, 1999


Thanks to the recent code post by Ken Birdwell of Valve, I can now say that the next release of QSB will support Half-Life.

I would also like to p1mp the site of some good friends and QSB beta testers Trond and Lantz. These guys have been hard at work on a new mod call Terror Quake. Check it out Terror Quake

Gallery submissions have been slow this month :( Get to work and send me your best!


Saturday December 19, 1998

New Gallery Pics Here they are!

Some great pictures this month. Thanks to everyone who participated. If you submitted a picture and don't see it, don't be discouraged, get to work and submit another.

Work is progressing slowly on the next release of QSB. I've not made much progress with support for Half-Life or Shogo. If any one has any info on how read and render models from those games, please contact me.


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