Jedi Knight 2 tidbits

We get another chance to see the demo that wowed E3, this time with a few extra features.
By - Sal "Sluggo" Accardo

LucasArts Dan Pettit shows off JK2
One of Thursday's highlights was LucasArts and Raven showing off Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast on the big screen in one of the event conference rooms. Most of the demo was identical to what was shown at E3 -- starting outside battling some Stormtroopers, with hero Kyle Katarn working his way inside to fight a dark Jedi.

However, a few new features were shown off this time around -- the bowcaster weapon has made its way back into the game, as has the Force Pull power. Another interesting Force power, the "Force Choke," allowed enemies to virtually strangle Kyle from afar, causing him to drop his weapon in the process. The AI also looked a bit stronger, as the Dark Jedi were able to jump over and block lightsabers thrown at them, as well as use Force Jump to chase Kyle around.

The best new addition to the demo, however, was a small snippet of a new map -- a recreation of the hangar on Yavin 4 from the end of the first Star Wars. The hangar featured a nicely modeled X-Wing and a number of R2 units roaming around, and really felt like it got the feeling of the Star Wars universe just right.

Of course, while we've been lucky enough to see the game before, it was obvious most of the cheering QuakeCon attendees seeing the game in action for the first time were excited with Raven's progress in six months of development. And -- as you'd expect from a crowd chock full of LAN gamers -- they were even more excited to hear that the game would have a robust multiplayer component, including a lightsaber-only mode.

And though we're drooling in anticipation of JK2, it's possible some of the fans might be taking things a bit too evidenced by the first question taken from the audience:

"So, at the end of Mysteries of the Sith, Kyle had a yellow lightsaber, but in this demo it appears to be green. Can you explain this? "

[crowd fights off groans]

"Yes. IT'S A DEMO."

I look forward to getting complaints that I got the quote wrong.

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