Wolfenstein Weapons

An overly detailed examination of the weapons in Return to Wolfenstein
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The Flame Thrower in action.
The weapons in Return to Castle Wolfenstein have been a bit of a mystery, as most of the previews to date haven't gone into much detail about them. Well, for the fan who must absolutely know it all, I've compiled a description of the weapons that were on display at this year's QuakeCon.

The Weapons

Almost all the weapons in the game are World War II themed, but that still allows plenty of variety. There's even a couple of "superweapons" that push the limits of history to keep things interesting.

It's... a knife. You stab things with it. If you can sneak up on a victim and get them in the back before they're aware of you, you get an instant (and silent) kill.

Basic pistol. Not too powerful, but it'll do in a pinch and it's more accurate at ranges than some weapons. There are two versions of the pistol --a German Leuger and a basic American pilstol-- but they both work the same.

MP 40
Machine Gun that you start out with relatively early in the game. Good for mowing down your standard Nazi soldiers.

Tompson Gun
Another machine gun, maybe slightly more powerful.

A rather powerful machine gun that fires much more quietly, but is prone to overheating. You can't even get a whole clip off before the thing overheats (as indicated by a red bar in your HUD) and you must let it cool down.

Mauser Rifle
A rifle that fires very slowly, but does a lot of damage. Great if you're a good shot.

Sniper Rifle
Your typical sniper rifle. Good for picking off enemies at a distance. The view will sway slightly when you zoom in, making it a little more difficult to hit your targets until you practice a bit.

Silent Sniper Rifle
A bigger, more powerful sniper rifle that has a silencer. Acts pretty much like the regular sniper rifle otherwise.

Minigun (a.k.a., "Venom Gun")
Portable destruction. This weapon takes a second to spin up, but once it's going it really mows everything down. Very powerful, but goes through ammo quickly. It can also overheat like the Sten.

The rocket launcher of the game, but it's unlike most other FPS rocket launchers. This weapon is so monstrous it slows you down when you have it armed, but it fires a missile that creates a blooming cloud of firy death wherever it ends up. It's slow to reload, and in multiplayer you have to wait until it "recharges" before you can fire it again.

This is the weapon you've been waiting for. The flamethrower spews great clouds of beautiful flame that will catch enemies on fire and cook them to a crisp. The range on the flamethrower is pretty good --longer than I expected-- and it's just immensely satisfying to use.

Basic fragmentation grenade. You throw it, it explodes. The Axis and Allies have grenades that look different, but act the same. There are two kinds of grenades --Allied and German-- but they both work the same.

These are the only ones I actually saw at QuakeCon. The Tesla Cannon wasn't on display, but it will apparently be some kind of massive lightning gun.

A machine gun in the wrong hands is bad news.
Weapon Classes

Much like Half-Life, the weapons are grouped into ten classes, with multiple weapons some of the classes. You cycle through the weapons in each class by repeatedly pressing that classe's weapon key. The classes are:
  1. Knife
  2. Pistols
  3. Light Machine Guns
  4. Rifles
  5. Heavy Machine Guns
  6. Grenades
  7. Rockets
  8. Venom Gun
  9. Flame Thrower
  10. Tesla
Multiplayer Items

In addition to the single player weapons, there are also several items that are specific to multiplayer games:

This is what the Medic drops to create medkits for his teammates. There is a "charge" that must be built up in order to drop the packs.

The Medic can use the syringe and the drugs it contains to revive slain teammates.

Ammo Pack
The Leiutenant drops these to give his teammates additional ammunition. It has a charge system like the Medic's backpack.

Air Strike Grenade
This grenade is used by the Leuitenant to call in devastating air strikes. When thrown, it emits a cloud of smoke that lets the air support find its target. If you see the smoke, RUN!

This item actually also appears in the single player game, but in multiplayer it's used by the Engineer to blow stuff up (what else?). If you use the dynamite on a special structure that can be demolished, it will activate a fuse. Once the fuse counts down, well ...you know what happens.

The toolkit is used by Engineers to either a)defuse dynamite, or b) repair items such as turrents or machineguns that have been destroyed.

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