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Arch Package v1.00 - by Jimmy McKinney - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

ARCHPACK.ZIP (92.1 KB) Two arches, the main one is the arch from id Software's level The Wizard's Manse. Although most editing programs have automated arch generation, the *.bsp file shows the simple yet dramatic effect of using tall arches in hallways.


Bridges Package v1.00 - by Mark Rohrer - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

BRIDGES1.ZIP (103.0 KB) QuakeLab associate Mark Rohrer brings you a convenient package of four bridges you can extract, modify, and paste into your own levels. Bridges from E1M1, E1M2, and one in the architectural style of Gloom Keep are among the selections. More bridges to come in the future.


Military Base Interlocking Door - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

BASEDOOR.ZIP (36.1 KB) adapted from Ryan "Diragor" Eibling's PREDOOR.MAP. This is your standard military base door. Blank door (non-entity cluster of brushes) included for convenience. Just multiselect one half's brushes, designate as func_door opening one way, same for the other half going the other way.

The Quadroom - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

QUADROOM.ZIP (48.6 KB)- based on a concept by Felix Zwingenberger. This is open to much interpretation. Stylized half room (top half of cube) broken into four corners with interlocking edges. All corners move diagonally away from center point. One way of showing the principle behind making floor/ceiling hatches.

The E2M1 QuadDoor - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

MILFOUR.ZIP (48.8 KB) - The four-way door from id Software's E2M1. Some of the extraneous architecture styling was taken from E1M1. Blank brushes for the door segments are provided outside valid player space.

Standard Secret Door by Mark Rohrer, QLA - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

SECRETDR.ZIP (20.0 KB) - The standard secret door. Boom! Ka-chunk. Clunkaclunkaclunka. Ka-thunk. Just use a func_door_secret entity. :)

Military Floor Hatch by Aaron Bentley - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

MILHATCH.ZIP (36.0 KB) - One of the things we've had listed in the Schedule for far too long has finally been done. It's a great example of a four-way "iris-like" floor hatch. This is the updated version (December 13, 1996.)

Iris Hatch by Stefano Biefeni - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

IRIS.ZIP (18.0 KB) - Here is the updated iris map, which shows the basic idea. The more brushes, the better!

Light Framed Psuedo Iris Door, Wrought Iron Fence - by Matthew "Bushboy" Trow

LITEDOOR.ZIP (91.0 KB) - This is a strange one. Iris-like light framed door with a bonus wrought iron fence.


(56.0 KB)

Enhanced Iris Hatch - by Iain Bruce

This iris comes with some illustrated documentation - it's the best iris door so far, and really appears to rotate as it closes completely. Try adding a bit of extra speed to the segments...


(85.0 KB)

Wall Mounted Iris hatch - by DarkVein - NEW!

Another one of those crazy iris doors, this time, wall mounted.

Light Fixtures 

 Military Base Lightpost - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

MILLITE.ZIP (11.0 KB)This is a standard lightpost. Nothing fancy, but it's a handy item to store away in your 'canned brushes' collection if you are making a military base level. Try it with a variety of light entities and styles.

Start Map Lightstand by John Pierce - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

STARTLIT.ZIP (29.0 KB) This is the lightstand/bowl from the START map. Easy to put together - another useful component to add to your 'canned brushes' collection.


Standard 'Button to Door' - by Mark Rohrer - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

BUTTON.ZIP (47.0 KB) This is a demonstration of how to set up a standard button to door connection, which should be enough to give you a basic understanding of how buttons work.


Standard Plat - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

PLAT.ZIP (33.0 KB) Here is the simplest plat with a stem. Starts in the lowered position.

Standard Plat Starting at the Top - 2 types. - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

PLATTOPS.ZIP (66.3 KB) Here are two plats which start in the elevated position instead. One uses a standard plat approach, while the other uses a func_door approach. The func_door approach has a little glitch, in that if the player does not get off the elevator, it just goes back to the elevated position and stays there, and can only be retriggered from below.


Standard Slipgate - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

SLIPGATE.ZIP (31.8 KB) - The standard slipgate, a little shorter and narrower than the ones in the id levels - but it's easy to resize to your liking.

Military Slipgate - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

MILGATE.ZIP (80.2 KB) - The standard military slipgate from the id Software levels. Identical to the ones in the game. Makes the appropriate noise, includes the slight architectural change for deathmatch mode, and introduces the use of a trigger_intermission for the intermission scene. Takes you to the START map of Quake. Blank brushes included outside of valid player space.

Round Slipgate - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

ROUNDG8.ZIP (43.4 KB) - The round slipgate found in several id Software levels. Not dimensionally identical but similar, correct textures used, teleports player to E1M1.

E1M5 Gloom Keep Slipgate by Jeremiah Johnson - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

E1M5SLIP.ZIP (38.0 KB) - A Netherworldish slipgate found in Episode 1.

The Military Telepod by Christian "Cykosis" Ocampo - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.) - NEW!

TELEPOD.ZIP (39.0 KB) - An enclosed Slipgate. Looks like it might be the sort of thing you'd lock up...Silver key access required?

Water, Slime & Lava

Standard Water & Sky - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

WATER.ZIP (30.0 KB)Go for a swim.

 Standard Lava - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

LAVA.ZIP(34.4 KB)Take a hot bath.

 Standard Slime - (BSP, MAP, and TXT files included.)

SLIME.ZIP (44.5 KB)Mmmmmm...slime.


The Oracle - brush model by Warren Lancashire

ORACLE.ZIP (32.0 KB) This is currently a static brush model without any fancy triggers, etc. The instructions on how it is intended to work are included in the TXT file, allowing you to experiment. However, a properly functioning Oracle may be added to Tricks and Traps in the future.

ROTATE.ZIP (152.0 KB)Rotating Brushes - by Ben Lehman

Now you can place rotating platforms, fan blades, cogwheels, Quake!

T_SPIRAL.ZIP (70.0 KB)Spiral Staircase Prefab by Rob Albin

Aligned for repeated stacking.

DOME.ZIP (112.0 KB)Stained Glass Dome Prefab by Shannon Dunmyer

A ceiling dome structure complete with glass inserts.

CEILINGS.ZIP (258.0 KB)Ceiling Architecture by Jeff Yost

A map full of different ceiling trim styles. Interesting.

PALMTREE.ZIP (2.0 KB)Palm Tree prefab by Per Dervall

A brush model of a palm tree.

E1L6LAMP.ZIP (48.0 KB)E1L6 Light Cage - by Steve Kapusta

Lighting architecture from E1L6.

CASDOOR.ZIP (97.0 KB)Castle Door - by Steve Kapusta

Iron grate door with spiked bottom. Castle entryway.

TRUCK.ZIP (108.0 KB)Mack Truck - by Thomas Knudsen

A semi-tractor-trailer-rig-type truck, cab section only. Looks good.

FOUNT.ZIP (84.0 KB)Fountain - by Steve Kapusta

A large, round fountain adorned by a small Quake icon at the top.

ARCHTEST.ZIP (41.0 KB)Gothic Arch Example - by Jimmy McKinney

Gothic arches merging into each other from multiple directions.

QUAKESYM.ZIP (52.0 KB)Quake Symbols - by Mika Hirvonen

Quake symbols/lightstands as prefabs.

MINECART.ZIP (34.0 KB)Minecart - by Tom "Murgatroyd" Cleghorn

Minecart prefab.

BINDS.ZIP (69.0 KB)Ornamental Light Structure - by Steve Kapusta

Just like the name says - a structure prefab.

BROKEN.ZIP (10.0 KB)Broken Structure Prefabs - by dogwalker

These prefabs have the look of being 'broken.'

Always expanding...send in small Architectural stuff you think might fit here...all contributors given due credit!

Sections on the way: Structures, Arches, Buttons, Ceiling Trim. We're always looking for ideas for new categories.