This area is in the process of being re-developed. Send in your suggestions and feedback anytime. Thanks. I'm writing these in the order that they pop into my head or the order in which they were received from other webmasters.

General News

1. Blue's News

This page is the dominant staple of the Internet Quake community. News is posted multiple times daily, and provides a wide variety of links to various Quake website resources. The style is generally neutral and balanced, covering just about everything you will want to know about what's happening every day in Quake. This is about as fast as Quake news gets.

2. Redwood's Quake Page

Redwood's Quake Page is widely regarded as the first of the 'daily update' Quake sites, originating in early 1996. It's lead webmaster, Sean Martin, was a beta tester for the original Quake. Today, this website offers news multiple times daily at it's new home at Stomped.Com, occasionally focusing on computer hardware issues for the more technically oriented, as they relate to Quake.

3. Scary's Shuga Shack

sCary a.k.a Steve Gibson, the "web pimp" of Ritual Entertainment, keeps Quake fans up to speed on the events in the Quake community as well as other parts of the computer game industry, while maintaining a lighter tone. sCary is responsible for introducing the Llama Outbreak of 1996 and "w00d", and recently (relative to this writing) had his afro chopped off. Updates multiple times daily.

4. Planetquake

Planetquake is the brainchild of Mark "Bastard" Surfas. News is updated daily by a team of webmasters, featuring interviews by the indomitable Fragmaster, tech reports, and other special articles not seen on other news sites. The style feels closer to an official Internet gaming page, but the focus is almost solely on Quake. Updates daily.

Map Designing/Programming/How-To

1. QuakeLab: Multimedia

QuakeLab:Multimedia is the Sound Effects and Movie editing department of the QuakeLab. The website is maintained by Jason "loonyboi" Bergman, who is currently with Centaur Interactive, creating sounds for a commercial project entitled Quego. Movie editing is occasionally updated by myself, and this focuses on manipulation of the Quake demo format to create cinematics. The website is updated multiple times weekly, and features tutorials on sound creation, lists of recommended software both commercial and free, and unusual news items related to the subject of sound and film. Auxiliary files are also available.

2. Levelord's Design Tips

This is a general guide to level design, written up by Ritual Entertainment's Richard "Levelord" Gray, and posted at the Strategies area of PC Games' website. It covers a huge amount of information that is required reading, in my opinion. It will probably save you a lot of grief and strangeness in your level design exploits, and is just plain interesting to boot. Levelord has designed numerous maps for Duke Nukem 3D and its Plutonium Pack, Blood, and Quake Mission Pack #1 "Scourge of Armagon."

3. Inside QC

This is a very large Quake Programming site operated by four webmasters. This means the page gets updated at least daily, if not more, with QuakeC news. Tutorials abound, starting with simple principles of QuakeC programming, and progressing to more interesting aspects of the basics, ultimately giving the visitor a good toolkit of QuakeC ideas to work with. The site also provides many links to related sites, newsgroups, and other QuakeC internet resources.

4. NiKoDeMoS Presents: Advanced QC

This site contains more complex Quake Programming material, under the assumption that the reader already understands the basics. Topics such as Quakeworld ports, bugs, traceline, vectors and angles, status bars, and optimization are discussed in good detail.

Map Resources

1. Opiate's Texture Warehouse

Over 50 texture WADs for Quake level designers reside here. They are classified into several categories - Standard, Partial/Total Conversions, Quake Community Produced. A section on tools required for WAD handling/editing is included, along with a repository of Quake 3D models.

Editing News

1. BSP Headquarters

Deadmeat operates the official site of the BSP Quake map editor. Everything you need to know about this excellent editor is posted here, along with news of the editor's development.

2. The Forge

 The Forge is the official site of the Worldcraft Map Editor. Chris "Autolycus" Bokitch operates this site, which features auxiliary editing files, updates on features, and the status of the editor. The editor itself is programmed by Ben "Savant" Morris, who is currently working at Valve Software, further enhancing the Worldcraft editor, which is used by their map designers. Another feature is "Ask the Guru", through which difficult questions can be directed to Richard "Levelord" Gray of Ritual Entertainment.

3. Absolute Quake

The maintainer of this website is Mattias Konradsson (aka Preacher.) This site covers news about all recently updated and/or major map editing programs, and editing utilities, plus other editing news tidbits. Preacher also operates the Quake Editors Mailing List - contact him if you wish to be a part of this. The site also includes other side features such as a humor section and a gallery.

Completed Maps


Not only does this location contain almost all of the completed third-party Quake maps, but it also carries virtually every utility and patch available for Quake. You may have to do some hunting to find exactly what you need, but if you need a utility or just want to play some new maps, this is probably your best bet. Maintained by Joost Schuur, creator of Slipgate Central.

2. Crash's Single Player Quake Page

Bill "Crash" McClendon has been doing some of the best reviews of all the single-player Quake maps you will find on Levels range from "one Quake icon" to "This Level Kicks Ass (TLKA)" in quality, and all maps are accompanied by a fair and balanced rationale explaining what worked well and what didn't. You are well advised to visit this site before wading into's level repository to save time.