Sending in Files

For faster posting, please submit files in the future as described below. Thanks.

File submission format:

ZIP file

ZIP file contents:

*.BSP, *.MAP, *.TXT (BSP is the playable file, MAP is the editable file, and TXT explains how it's done.) Make the map & bsp decent looking since I might take a screenshot to post...and it's also easier to see what's going on that way!

TXT file format:

The Editing Thingy - by John Doe

The QuakeLab -

TEXTURES: SFLOOR4_2 (or use whatever texture you wish that seems right)

ENTITIES: func_floor, weapon_pitchfork

WHAT TO DO: do this, then do this, then this, and finally this.

OPTIONS/NOTES: you could make this even better by doing this (except I had to wash the dog and ran out of time to work on this today.) Other technical details. My plans for world domination. Etc.

Now that you've read that (you did read it, right?) and set up the ZIP contents as demonstrated...