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Architectural Traps

Monster Caches


Star Wars Vehicles


Sample Image

Jet Fighter with Missle Attack Sequence - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

JET.ZIP (135.3 KB) Here is a cool sequence that would work well in a single player level. Walk forward from the start position until the message appears instructing you to leave the killing up to the guys in the jet. Move back a bit and watch the enforcers get pasted by a couple of air-to-ground missles. All jet and missle brushes have been copied as blanks just outside valid player space for easy extraction out of the MAP file with your editor. Try implementing this sound effect.

Sample Image

The Gondola - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

GONDOLA.ZIP (103.6 KB)This has great potential for deathmatching levels - provided the system is fairly lag free. Imagine bombarding some people below while being protected by the reinforced supercage of the gondola...but don't get cocky - for those above you, the gondola isn't exactly sealed tight. :) Again, blanks (brushes not yet designated as entities) are provided, all ready to go.

Sample Image

BattleMech: Timber Wolf - by Brian Wight

Eventually to be released as a moving vehicle, may include missles, and will occasionally fire laser/machinegun barrages. Hopefully there will be more of these from the author of this component, Brian Wight. The GIF is a little skewed - it's a bit more stockier looking in reality. It is a brush model...but you should be able to figure out ways of making its legs move with func_trains. Download it at Brian Wight's page here.


Sample Image1

Sample Image 2

The Subway Train - by Garry Cook

SUBWAY.ZIP (261.0 KB) - When you first enter the train and open the door, you will think that multiple entity brushes have just become a possibility. Sorry. It's just a very convincing illusion, both in sound and appearance. Exiting a subway train while it is in motion is very unwise...but do it anyway! This is useful for 'fight your way up through the vehicle' sequences.

The Subway Train II - by Matthew 'Bushboy' Trow

SUBWAY2.ZIP (113.0 KB) - Here is a more conventional approach to the subway which allows you to exit and enter. The texture scheme is something to note; it looks like a subway. :)


WALK1.ZIP (81.0 KB)The Moving Walkway - by Matthew 'Bushboy' Trow

Here is a demo of a map that is a serious pain to make - the pain part enters when it becomes apparent that func_trains are doomed to delays during directional changes, even with path_corner wait fields set to 0. :( This is the best compromise Bushboy was able to hammer out. A trigger_push (see Water Current in Miscellaneous) would achieve the same effect, but the walkway would be motionless.)

ESCLATOR.ZIP (75.0 KB)The Escalator - by Garry W. Cook

This essentially explains how to avoid misalignments in func_train conveyor belts, while showing how a convincing escalator can be set up. Recommended.


This is a special editing patch with so many bells and whistles for the imaginative map creator that it has its own web page. A must see. Almost all extra features from the Hipnotic Interactive level expansion, Scourge or Armagon, are included: rotating objects, moving walls, toggleable walls, triggering counter, bobbing water, and force fields.

QTANK.ZIP (115.0 KB)Quake Tank - by Adam Krumbein - (includes BSP, MAP, and TXT) - NEW!

What could be more satisfying than crushing your opponents, safely nestled in the safety of this impenetrable behemoth? Ok, it doesn't move but that's not too hard to do (see The Gondola above for instructions on movement effects.) Nice brush model.

Crushers & Other Architectural Traps

Sample Image

Chthon's Crusher - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

CTHCRUSH.ZIP (60.9 KB) - You should recognize this from E1M6 (The Door to Chthon). This is a reasonable facsimile of the real thing (it's the right height, width, the spikes are a little bit off but close enough.) In the QuakeLab downloadable, there is a way out of the hallway - the barred door can be opened. Note that the func_train crusher slab will actually push the rocket launcher down the hallway; this is an interesting thing to keep in mind when using weapon entities.

Sample Image

The Razor Blades - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

RAZORS.ZIP (35.7 KB) - This is a 'shredder' type trap. However, to ensure fairly consistent results, I have put in a trigger_hurt despite setting the dmg ratings of the 'blades' to 500. The result is that anyone who volunteers to go through the slipgate ends up in the wind tunnel which takes them straight to the razor blades and a guaranteed gibbing. They're set close to the room so that gibs will spew into the room. There are deathmatch starts so that you can use a friend as a guinea pig and see what happens...I think the blades need to be carved and rotated into more menacing positions as well as retextured; up to you.

Sample Image

Standard Shooters & Gun Tower - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

SHOOTERS.ZIP (68.2 KB) - This is a demonstration of some ways in which shooters can be used. There is also a gun tower that fires lasers; unfortunately, it cannot rotate (rotation to be in Quake II. :) As you'll see, Shamblers are dumb.

Sample Image

The Deep Fryer - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

DEEPFRY.ZIP (77.3 KB) - Based on Spurious Logik's CAGE.MAP (a simple cage that dropped down over the player),this is a variation on a very expandable theme - the cage. This is the first QuakeLab MAP to implement architectural differences between single player and deathmatch modes. This trap is best used with some sort of bait, and in deathmatch, the gains are matched by the losses. The light fixtures in this MAP were another QuakeLab 'accident' that turned out to have a somewhat interesting lighting effect.

Sample Image

The Compressor - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

COMPRESS.ZIP (57.0 KB)Concept by David M. Spell. The general layout of the hallway is based on a hallway from E1M1. The oddly textured plates on the sides are the compressor/crusher plates. This also has two different architectural configs for SP and DM. In Single Player, the compressors are activated by floor based pressure sensing buttons, and in DM, the plates are activated by shooting red colored buttons at either end of the hallway. There are 'dead' spots where a player caught in the hall can sit tight until the plates reset themselves.

Sample Image

The Slate by Tan Sian "Bubbah" Yue (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

SLATE.ZIP (42.0 KB) QL Associate Mark Rohrer has put together this great trap invented by Bubbah. This trap is placed in long hallways and fires down the track obliterating obstructing creatures. Great deathmatching architectural weapon. The players can ride this as it travels along, so that they can watch the gibbing firsthand...

Sample Image

The Jaws - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

JAWS.ZIP (21.0 KB) QL Associate Mark Rohrer brings you the Jaws, loosely based on id Software's trap in The Crypt of Decay.

Ambushes & Monster Cache Traps

TELETRAP.ZIP (24.0 KB)"Where'd they come from!?" - by Brian Osman - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

This is a demonstration of monster teleportation effects being used to create suprise attacks...particularly good when the player picks up 'bait' such as a weapon or key. Comes with a very easy to follow TXT file.


AMBUSH.ZIP (11.4 KB)Silent Ambush - by Andy - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

This is an ambush in which a monster emerges in complete silence from behind.

Other/Miscellaneous Contraptions/Modification Utilities

NAMEFUN.ZIP (5.0 KB) - How to alter the appearance of text in a Quake map and your playername.

SPRGEN.TXT (9.0 KB) - How to use a sprite creation/manipulation program called Sprgen for Quake.

SPRGEN.ZIP (61.0 KB) - The Sprgen program is for making new sprites and/or editing old ones in Quake.

MOVLIGHT.ZIP (156.0 KB) - Marc Fontaine's QuakeC patch and new entity for moving light sources. - NEW!

Sample Image

RealGlass - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

GLASS.ZIP (36.9 KB)- Yes, the glass bleeds, but it's not a big deal compared to the fact that it blocks all weapons fire (except for collateral damage from explosions) and is transparent. This should create new possibilities in map construction!

GOODGLAS.ZIP (82.5 KB) - This glass doesn't bleed, and blocks all weapons fire. The lightning gun's image (but not the actual effect) passes through. By 515T3R.

GLASS3.ZIP (39.0 KB) - Another form of improved glass you may wish to check out as an alternative.

Sample Image

Explodable Walls - Version 1.0 - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

EXPLVER1.ZIP (55.1 KB) - This is a tedious way of doing it, which is why it's been labeled version 1.0. We're working on version 3.0 which uses a significantly easier and more component-oriented approach (ie: it'll be worth downloading for more than just looking at.)

Sample Image

Explodable Walls - Version 2.0 by Ben Lehman

WALLS01.ZIP (242.1 KB) - This is a very complete package that gives you example maps (one is the QuakeLab example from above, enhanced with the patch), a fully compiled PROGS.DAT, a sound effect, and MDLs. There's a humorous/serious line in the README.TXT that says, "Actura Software may not do anything with these files." :) Everyone should have this line in his/her map-authoring README.TXT.

Sample Image 1

Sample Image 2

Wind Tunnels & River Current - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

PUSHER.ZIP (68.7 KB) This is your run-of-the-mill river current and wind tunnel demonstrator. Neat stuff. Uses trigger_push. Read the TXT file instructions for more info.

WHRLPOOL.ZIP (40.2 KB) - Another example of the trigger_push entity...the player is flung about in circles and towed down to a watery grave...

AIRLIFT.ZIP (75.0 KB) - A switchable military base lift using...air. Looks interesting.

WTRANSPORT.ZIP (24.0 KB) - A vertical wind tunnel which closes up with a grate after you fly out of the top end, preventing you from falling back in.

RIVER.ZIP (9.0 KB) - A description and WADfile explaining how to impart the appearance of motion to an ordinary body of water.

CANNONS.ZIP (57.0 KB) by Allen Short - Intended for TeamFortress, this map uses the pushtrigger to accelerate grenades and bombard enemy fortifications.

CONVEYOR.ZIP (74.0 KB) by Brian Barnson - NEW! This is similar to RIVER.ZIP above but applies it to a conveyor belt. Example WADfile, BSP, TXT, MAP, included.

2WIND.ZIP (43.4 KB) by Rich Tollerton - NEW! This is a two-way wind tunnel; that's right, you can go in and back the other way, works great with grenades. Check it out.

Sample Image


Copydemo.ZIP - by Vikram Thanki - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

COPYDEMO.ZIP (102.0 KB) - Demonstrates multi-line messages and how to trigger them for purposes such as copyrighting levels.


Sample Image

Rising Water/Lava - by Chad Moore - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

RISELIQ.ZIP (20.0 KB) - Here is a clever, straightforward way of creating the appearance of rising water in a room. The same can be done for lava, by changing the WATER texture to LAVA.

Sample Image

The Oracle 'Central Hub' Demonstration Map - by Mark Rohrer

(includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

ORACLE2.ZIP (166.0 KB) - Here is the fully enabled version of Warren Lancashire's Oracle brush model in a demonstrative map which shows how to really use triggers for a variety of purposes including sending instructive messages to the player and giving the level a sense of direction and purpose.

Sample Image from E1M7

The Cthon - Event_Lightning Combination - by Steve Rescoe

(includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

CTHON.ZIP (39.1 KB) - The Caramilk secret was probably easier to figure out than this one, considering the lightning's apparently illogical target assignment requirements! Steve Rescoe has figured it out and has donated some of his research results to The QuakeLab. Now you can have lightning firing all over the place in your levels...however, it will only damage Cthon.

Sample Image

The Healing Pool - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

HEALTH.ZIP (29.2 KB) - Based on Sandy Petersen's healing pool from The Palace of Hate (E4M4). Demonstrates the use of a trigger_counter. The pool provides a total of 75 health points before giving you an appropriate message. Rocket launcher provided for convenient self-mutilation.

HEALPOOL.ZIP (170.9 KB) - Infinite health supply QuakeC version by Fred Peterson.

Sample Image

The Combination Lock - Original QuakeC version by Matt "FiSTY" Houser

COMBO.ZIP (207.0 KB) - This is the QuakeC version which includes the relevant QuakeC files and a PAK file. Clean and quick. :)

The Reprogrammable Version - by Brian "Darkwing" Osman

COMBO3.ZIP (66.0 KB) - Here is a clever use of available editing resources, that will allow for some very interesting deathmatch situations...Make sure you take a look at The Bit below. It's somewhat tricky to understand, but the TXT file does make sense.

BIT.ZIP (4.0 KB) - A MAP and TXT file explaining this 'data storage unit' for Quake maps and tricks such as the reprogrammable lock.

Sample Image

Scrolling Screen Messages - by Brian Wight - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

COMPMSG.ZIP (10.0 KB) - This requires some knowledge of texture making (to make the screen texture with its message.) Walk up to the screen and pay attention to the rules! :)

Sample Image

Shub's Teleporter - by Don Petersen - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

SHUBS.ZIP (48.0 KB) - This is the puzzling entity that had me a little bit frustrated the first time I played Quake. Can I maybe ride on it and jump through a hole on top of Shub Niggurath? Can I shoot it and maybe do damage to Shubby? Is it a bug that id forgot to fix? The spiked ball moves from place to place, and acts as a mobile teleport destination.

Sample Image

Rotating Brushes II - by Nicholas Fisher - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

ROTATE2.ZIP (40.0 KB) - QuakeLab Innovation Award for brute force editing style. :) This one stands out as a clever use of brush 'animation'. Download it. I don't know about you, but I'll be implementing this trick in some of my levels in the future.

Sample Image

The Tracking Map - by Harry Zachrisson - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

TRACKING.ZIP (154.0 KB) - This explains how to make a tracking map in (presumably) a deathmatch level. You have the choice of mapping out as much or as little of the level as you like, and from the looks of it, you can make it as accurate (high res detection - exactly this room)or as inaccurate (this section of the map, could be here, could be there) as you want. You could also make it so that the signals could be 'jammed' by misfiring of signals... hmmm...something tells me that this is a clever idea. :)


The 10,000,000 Volt Surprise - by Dan Proietti & Jeff Bedard - BSP, TXT, & MAPs.

This is an example of how to make lightning hurt people very badly. Recommended.



The Gib Machine - by Adriano Lorenzini - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

This is an example of how to create showers of gibs from hapless monsters. Yuck. Take a look at it.:)

The QC Gib Fountain - by Kevin Cheung

This is a QuakeC Gib producing patch for level enhancement. The gibs have short lifespans so the 'packet overflow' warning should not show up.


Floating Items - by Dan Proietti - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

This shows how to make items such as weapons or powerups appear to float high up in mid-air, while avoiding certain potential technical problems.


The Electric Fence - by Adam Krumbein - (includes BSP, TXT, & MAP files)

A fence equipped with a damage trigger. Suggestion: Make an electric fence using CLIP textured brushes for blocking the passage (i.e. the bars of the fence, horizontal only) and then try to make horizontal streams of lightning which fire continuously, like an energy barrier. Put the trigger_hurt on top of the whole fence area.


MINE.ZIP (38.0 KB)

The Proximity Mine - KABOOM by Imaginos, MINE by QuakeLab Techs

These nasty devices are made without QuakeC and contribute yet another obstacle to those 'beserker' types trying to rush through levels at high speed. Remember, Speed Kills. :) A demo file of a Reaper bot getting a bit of a surprise is included with MINE.ZIP.

PUMP1.ZIP (48.0 KB)

The Water Pump - by Timothy R. Jervis

Need a drink of water in a level? This entertaining contraption will let you pour the water, but not drink it, unfortunately... Has a very convincing appearance when activated.


Teleporter with Selectable Destinations - by Kevin Hodgson

Transport yourself to one of several locations in the map! Sounds like it would be a very interesting design element in a deathmatch level. Try it out.


One Way Wall - by Andrew Gajda

This simple but very cool trick makes use of the fact that a func_illusionary is not solid and is visually transparent from the inside of its volume. Allows you to make interesting sniper locations.


Telegrab Effect - by Chris Hedberg

This is a neat way of making items appear to vanish from remote but viewable locations, and end up in the player's posession. For the full effect, just use an invisible teleport trigger without a slipgate textured brush and force the player to approach it from a logical direction.


Faceshooter - by 515T3R

This map shows how to make the demonface texture animate as it fires spikes at the player.


Megatrap - by Dave Kelvin

This map requires the Hipnotic or Custents entities. It demonstrates how to make a booby trapped powerup.


Random Destination Teleporter - by Adam Payne

This teleporter uses an interesting tactic to generate random destination player transport within a map.

GLUE.ZIP (14.0 KB)

Glue - by Andy Shawaluk

This is glue. The sticky kind. (Twilight Zone theme.) Very peculiar and well worth looking at!

STORM.ZIP (103.0 KB)

The Storm - by Murderous

This is a demo map showing how to create a storm-like environment complete with lightning strikes and thunder. Requires either the Ritual Mission Pack #1 (Scourge of Armagon) or go to The Trench of Mental Warfare for a full entities compilation of all the mission packs.


Demolition Charge equipped Fortress - by Tom "Murgatroyd" Cleghorn

This demo map/bsp/txt requires a custom progs.dat containing the Ritual Entertainment Mission Pack entities (I recommend Custents.)The fortress is set to blow up into little pieces, take a look.


Rising Turret - by Mika Hirvonen - NEW!

This setup contains a double barrelled cannon that rises from a secret compartment under the floor and fires a few rounds before retracting.

Star Wars Vehicles - It'll be a while before this is finished...The images will be links to ZIPs.

Tie-Interceptor by John Cronin

Outrider by Chris Jennings

X-Wing by David Sawyer

Shuttle by Gary Marshall

Star Destroyer by Chris Jennings

A-Wing by Micah Bird

Speeder Bike by Garry Cook

Corellian Corvette by Firenze

AT-ST by Neal Green

A B-Wing?

A Y-Wing?

Boba Fett's Slave I?

Images courtesy of The Ralph McQuarrie Portfolio Web Page . Full size jpegs of the above illustrations and more can be found there.

 Always expanding..send in ingenious tricks & traps you think might fit here...all contributors given due credit!

We're looking for articles on ambush/monster cache setups.