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Cheesy Lyrics (by none other than CheeseWhistle!)

My Flag (You're Never Gonna Get It)
By CheeseWhistle (3/19/97)
Have you ever been called a camper for hanging back and defending your flag? If so, then this song is for you! I think Zoid should autokick any llama lame enough to even type "camper" in CTF! This one should have been easier than it was. The vocal lines have some complicated rhythms. I am sorry it took so long to get another parody up. Expect to see some reader contributions by the weekend!

Eleanor Gibbed Me - By CheeseWhistle (3/4/97)
The fun never stops here on the Quake Musical Parody page. This latest installment is a warm tribute to a special kind of man/woman relationship which only a few can ever hope to attain. Sung to the tune of a classic Beatles anthem, this song will tug at your heartstrings and make you long for a woman in black vinyl overhauls. Just call her Mommy!

Clan On The Run - By CheeseWhistle (3/2/97)
Not wanting to let my newfound fame go to waste and not wanting to let my fans down, I put together yet another parody. This time we look at the glory of a well executed clan attack! Let me know what you think. And to those who have submitted their own contributions for this page, please give me till tonight (real life is about to invade on my fun for a little while)!

Q-S-P-Y - by CheeseWhistle (3/1/97)
I couldn't resist doing another one right away! This time I honor everybody's favorite Quake utility, QSpy! Is it possible? Will discotheques the world over be filled with addicted clanmembers dancing wildly while chanting the letters Q-S-P-Y to the tune of the Village People's classic hit? Doh! I hope not :)

Stayin' Alive - by CheeseWhistle (3/1/97)
The hit remake that started everything on March 1st, 1997 thanks to a surprise mention on Blue's News! This song will have a special place in the hearts of all those 28.8 modem players out there (I am one of you!). Also, my thanks to DoGBeRT for inspiring this work and to Slag for sending the email to Blue which resulted in hundreds of hits the first hour!

Reader Contributions

Quakey Breaky Heart - by "Fragmaster" (3/1/97)
Put on yer boots, grab a beer, and swing your ass around in the air ... Oh, wait a minute. That goes on my other page :) This hilarious contribution has been around for little awhile. It comes from none other than our noted Editor-In-Chief, Fragmaster! Hey, it's got a funky beat and you can frag to it! Have fun, and remember, safeties on! Heheh :)

Quake - by Roger Wilco (3/2/97)
This one probably should have been called "Death (I hear you callin')" but it is a laugh riot none the less! Thanks to Roger Wilco for his most excellent contribution to the page!

More to come ...

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