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Quake, the Universe, and Everything
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Okay, so it's been a while. The Cold Fusion stuff that I was using for people to submit their haiku had crashed for some reason, and I never really got around to fixing it. Well, I'm back.

I've taken the Free-Form Poetry, Limericks, and Stories & Prose sections offline; I never really got enough submissions for them to be worth it. They can still be linked to above, but I will not accept submissions for them any longer.

Originally I had wanted to make this page a trove of many different kinds of writing treasures, but it didn't work out very well. The only section that ever got a lot of play was the Haiku page; most people couldn't write a limerick to save their life, I received next to no poetry, and the stories were few and far between (though usually not bad when they arrived). So I decided to archive the rest of the pages (haiku, limericks, free-form poetry, and stories & prose). Right now only the Haiku section is active.

E-mail me, Maelstrom, with any comments or suggestions for the page. right now.

Thanks to PlanetQuake for the space.

If you still are interested in non-haiku forms of Quake poetry, check out Dingleberry Central, where they will hopefully keep up on that stuff.

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