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Last Update: August 04, 1999

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What is Quetiquette? Put quite bluntly, it's a set of rules for the online Quake Community. As the thing grew from its small humble roots, the number of people that don't know what is good and what's not has skyrocketed. This is meant to serve as something we as a community can lean back upon as the size increases, adding whatever that's needed as we go along. It's certainly not meant to be a required reading, or something enforced in any way. It is, though, something that's been pulled together by the community, for the benefit and joy of the community.

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Basics of Basics:

A Bit More Specific:

The Team Concept:


This is it for the Quetiquette rules, for now. If you think there should be another etiquette rule for Quake which isn't listed here, please mail MuuMuu with a rule that is easy to understand, and logical enough for distributing to the community. It would be helpful to leave the message subject as is, but please do insert your name, real e-mail address (unless you do not want credit/wish to remain anonymous) and other things helpful for crediting your contribution; please note that I may edit the contents of your rule or refuse to publish it if I feel it is of dubious use.

-- MuuMuu

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