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| Quick Death 2.1 Released |



This might sound great but it isn't. This releases means that the team of Quick Death died and that we wont continiou on 3.0.
To all the fans, Iam sorry! I don't like this either..
Anyway i hope you all enjoy of 2.0 which is actually all the finished work of 3.0. This is not allot but it is a reason to download this new package. What we added:
-The new gametype Pro QD
-The highly improved skinner
-1 kick ass FFA map

If you are really mad because 3.0 will never see the light, send me a mail @ and who knows, I might have good news for you...

Now head over to the files section and download like hell.

| New site lay-out + new skinning tool |



As promised, we came up with a whole new site design. I really hope you like it! Not all sections are allready updated, but that will be done very soon.

Today we have some new pictures of the new QD skinning tool!


QD skinner is being developed by: Don Kedero.

| QD 3.0 is coming |



The plans are finnaly worked out for the new version for Quick Death. We wanted to create some fixes and some small new stuff and put it in Quick Death 2.1.
Anyway since QD made it upto PCzone for 2 months, and we got allot of good reactions. Much asked questions are:

  • When will the new version come out?
  • Will it contain new cool gametypes?
  • Will it have more maps?
  • Will there be more media, like models or skins   added?
  • ...

Anyway we didn't planned to cover all this things in the new version 2.1! But will made up our minds and yes, we have recently started production of Quick Death 3.0.
All the requested stuff will be added! Some examples are:

  • Complete new Layout
  • Complete new site using the new layout.
  • A much requested gametype mode called Classic Instagib, the original instagib from quake2 with the grapple and stuff.
  • Pro Instagib: if instagib is to easy for you, try qd pro where only headshots are allowed!
  • Tons of new maps build for qd suiting instagib gametypes
  • ...

Anyway we have some serrious work to do now and therefore we need new team members. If you can help us out in anyway [moddeling, mapping, coding,...] mail your data to me. You will get a chance of joining the best instagib mod developpers team! Your work will be be used only for QD and your name will proudly be displayed on all of our content. Some beta screens of the new menu and layout can be found here: