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QWF would like to introduce Kim, creator of the LMCTF site The Rainbow Bridge, member of Clan Newbies Revenge and active promoter of BattleCom a real-time voice communication program for multi-player games.


kimbo1.jpg (20283 bytes) In February of 1998, while Kim was working at an ISP in Delaware. Her employer handed her a Quake2 CD and said "run a server". She had never heard of Quake before then. First she set up a DM server, but quickly became bored with that so she set up a Vanilla CTF server and called it "Newbies". She called it Newbies because she wanted to have a place to go where she would not be yelled at for not knowing what she was doing, and she wanted a server for others who felt the same way.

Kim has a Q2 LMCTF clan called Newbies Revenge. The clan sort of 'grew' out of the old Newbies server. There have 21 active members at this time, on 2 different teams, NR Green team and NR Pink team. Kim is on the Pink team. A lot of NR has been together since the first day the Newbies server started.   Currently, NR Pink is involved in OGL, after taking some much needed time off from competition.

In March of this year, Kim married a clan member, [NR] MimicVII.  They met for the first time on Valentines weekend 1999, and  immediately knew they were meant for each other, "(funny how you automatically know that)" and got married one month later. After they were married, they moved me from from Delware to Nashville, TN. The first thing Kim and MimicVII did, even before they got furniture, was to set up their home LAN!  "It is wonderful being able to frag along with your spouse every night!"

Kim is also involved in promoting voice communications for online gaming. "Voice communication is definitely where the future is at with online games."  Her clan has been using BattleCom since it was a beta, and now they can't imagine playing a match without it. "Since we play CTF, communication is vital, and talking to each other can make all the difference. Its been a bit of a controversial topic; we left  a high profile tournament because half-way through the tournament, the organizers decided it was 'cheating' to be able to talk to each other in a match, tho LAN clans were ok. We didn't understand that logic, so we left." All other tourneys the clan  has been involved in since,  have allowed and welcomed voice communication, so hopefully the attitudes are changing in that respect.

Kim's site,  Rainbow Bridge is a one-stop resource of information for new players to LMCTF. She made The Bridge because of the lack of information on LMCTF at the time. You can find info on key bindings, radio commands, how to set up and run a server, plus map descriptions and screenshots of LMCTF01-30, and screenshots of the new xMaps add-on pak. There's also a Photo Gallery with over 200 real pictures of people who play LMCTF. Kim has  recently added a Kick A$$ Demos section where once a week she features the most nail-biting matches around. She's also trying to promote LMCTF outside of North America by highlighting competitions, and has a few more ideas she plans to implement soon with regards to promoting LMCTF worldwide.

Right now Kim is basically taking it easy till Q3 comes out. When that does, what she'll do will depend on if  whether LMCTF is made to work with Q3. If it isn't, she'll find another CTF mod with an off-hand hook and start all over again.