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Bug reports and suggestions
  1999/07/07 - 22:36

QxAdmin 1.12a. The readme file(QxAdmin.txt) was corrupted and I enlarged a bit the port edit box.

  1999/07/01 - 23:59

QxAdmin 1.12. I did a lot of little(internal) changes to the rlogview part of QxAdmin and to rlogviewd (rlogview server). I did what I could to find a way around Win32 "features"(read: bad design), but if the program writing the log file don't cooperate I can do nothing about it. Write to Bill and tell him how crappy his OS is.
There's now 2 seperate zip files: #1 includes QxAdmin, rlogview stand-alone, rlogviewd Win32 binary and rlogviewd sources. #2 includes only the source code. Most of you couldn't care less about source code, so get #1.

I did a step by step(not including instructions in QxAdmin.txt) guide to running a rlogviewd server on Linux, if you're new to Linux go here. It was originally a reply to a email from someone.

  1999/06/29 - 10:44

I've resolved some issues with rlogviewd, you should see a new version 'soon'.
Some bugs corrected: handle of 'big' files at start-up and the update packets are now 8K or less.

  1999/06/26 - 16:30

Well, well, looks like I don't make bug free programs...
The server infos edit window was not working, it does now.
Thanks to me for pointing this out. QxAdmin 1.11

  1999/06/25 - 15:15

There was a little bug in rlogviewd. Thanks to Gag for finding this one!
I have updated the QxAdmin zip but if you want to download only rlogviewd 0.99 click here.
I recommend upgrading.

  1999/06/22 - 16:16

Here it is. A new version with support of remote log view is right here.
You can now see what people are whining about in real time! No need to telnet in!
The setup is a little bit complicated, but once it's done, it works like a charm.
If your server run on Win9x/NT you have to download this and unzip it in the same directory as rlogviewd.exe (see QxAdmin.txt for more infos).
I also sped up console variables updates.

  1999/06/13 - 01:33
Maybe I will have a surprise feature in the coming days. What is it? Just let me tell you it's a often requested one! :)

  1999/06/12 - 10:00

New version! Download it! Major bug fixed: kick right-click menu works better now.

  1999/06/09 - 00:00


Look at that page! A big thank you to Barbat! Email him and tell him how good he is :) Don't you all love that spiffy logo :)

There will be a new version in the coming days, a bug fix release it will be.


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