July 10th, 2003
    Update - update by Jesse
    Yea. I'm alive...
How do you define forever? Addressing the span of time since the last update with any actual content will give you a good start.

I'm alive; I'm finally going to graduate on September 5th, 2003. Last year I've been working on the very last project there. The last month was very stressful in terms of workload, as will be the coming two months. I mean, I'm used to working with deadlines, but these days it just gets plain silly. The prospect of being done with it all is what keeps me going, though, and I shall be relieved of uni in a few mere weeks.

Level design is currently not on my agenda, but that will change radically on october 4th, when I'll return from my vacation in the US, and I'll be pursuing a professional career in gamedesign, or rather, continuing to do so.

I haven't sat still as far as game development concerns, obviously, I've been modeling quite a good deal in the course of my uni project. I've updated my portfolio over at www.jessevandijk.nl, have a look if you're interested.

I'm kind of not in contact with speedrunning people any more, so I won't be around in chats and whatnot, but never hesitate to contact me thru mail, I'm off ICQ once more.

Big shouts to Ilkka, Will, haven't spoken to you in ages, you know why now, but I will be in contact in the future.

     28th of may
    RDE2K2 - Bunny's Delight - update by Jesse
    What is with people these days?
Recently I've become aware of a strange development in speedrunning. Somehow, all fast runners seem to be jumping around a LOT in their demos. In perfectly straight corridors, where they can just as well run forward like a normal person would, they seem to be unable to leave their spacebar alone. The reason for this behaviour is completely beyond me.
In fact, it only makes me nostalgic, where are the old days when you could just run e2m1 with 'always run' turned on, get 10 seconds, and be happy!! In fact, where are the days that you could measure your friggin' e2m1 time in whole seconds!!

On top of this, I recently found myself pushed by some of those fool kids from #qdq into complying with this nonsense and removing the ultra-sweet Anti-Bunny-Code from RDE! AARGH!.
     30th of January
    FoH1M1 Screenshots - update by Jesse
    OK, I lied in the previous update...
...about not releasing any screenshots prior to release. Sorry, just couldn't keep these screenies for myself :) Check 'em out.
     24th of January
    Winter ownz j00 - update by Jesse
Sjeesh, it's been too long since I've updated. Are there actually people that still bother to read this page every now and then? Heh, well, in case there are, that's good, since I've got loads of good news.

First of all, RD2M1. I don't know if you've noticed it, but recently some bastard named CZG released a couple of maps called CZG07, of which the third map, CZG07c, was mind-bogglingly (eh, is that english?) good. I'm serious, this level was the superlative of every damn good level I'd ever played. Never before had I thought a Quake map could be so big, fun, well balanced and good looking at the same time. However, such great experiences always have the consequence that you end up in doubt about your own mapping qualities. At least, that's the way it works for me. So when I starting working on RD2M1 again (it's been in production for bloody ages, that's never a good sign) after having played CZG07, I couldn't help but feeling utterly disappointed with the parts that I had finished so far. So one night, I was so pissed off that I ditched the entire thing. Screw RD2M1, I can seriously do bettter than the crap that I had done so far. So, a few weeks back, I started a new level which is already further in production than RD2M1 ever was, and it's looking pretty damn sweet so far (no screenshots hehe). What I'm currently facing is time pressure, so I'll have to plan things carefully, otherwise I'll never be able to release the damn thing.

I probably won't be updating anymore until I have it done or when I'm sure I can't pull it off. Anytime spent writing here is wasted mapping time, after all.

On a completely different subject, I understand Ilkka is doing fine again. His super-hard trainings are over, and AFAIK he's currently pissing off the newcomers in the army as he's now some sort of higher-ranked person than the newbies, heh. At least, when he called me recently, he seemed very enthusiastic about the thought of giving 'these fuckers all the shit he had gone through himself and worse', but that could have been just because he and his army-colleagues were drinking too much on a few hours off-duty :)

Right, I'll post any release info on SDA if there's anything to tell.
     6th of November
    The Project Continues - update by Jesse
    Got 1.7?
A while back, Nolan released a new set of QdQstats progs, among which one for RDE. Get it here if you haven't already.

He's also been messing around with the map Ilkka and I created early 1999, Hit the Roof, you know, the e1m1 upside down map. A new version of that should be up soon, with corrected textures, monsters and skill settings, so that it will be runnable on nightmare too. Way to go Nolan!

Personal off-topic stuff
Life is only about two things for me these days: firstly, finishing my last courses at the university, and secondly, icespeedskating. I've been re-assigned as trainer of the far-advanced group of the local speedskating club, so I've been training quite hard to stay in shape for that. Also, this years university-tournaments are starting soon. During these matches people from every university in Holland compete against eachother. Those of you that have been visiting this page for a bit longer might remember that I was focused on improving my personal best of 0:51.33 on the 500 metres track last year during these tournaments; well, I succeeded at that (I got 0:47.93 in my last match) and this year the obvious goal is to go even faster than that. I expect to break that record on my very first match as I already got 0:47.47 during a regular training - something I was very pleased with as that means I'm now faster than Ilkka's dad (who also used to be a speedskater), whose best time was 0:47.7


FoH1M1, Q1SP/Coop


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