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When I first saw Quake done Quick I was amazed by the great number of possible shortcuts. I clearly remember the feeling of being devasted by the first grenadejump I ever saw, the e1m3 jump. From that day on, my excitement never ceased.

Since then a lot of new tricks were introduced to speedrunning. Apart from just jumping to higher ledges by rocketjumping or using grenades people started lavaball-jumping, ogre-grenade jumping, shambler-lightning-riding; in short, using the damage inflicted to the player, in whatever form, as an acceleration. Another groups of 'tricks' used minor bugs in the engine such as bunny hopping, wallhugging and zigzagging.

Of all these tricks the rocketjump gained most popularity, as it is fairly easy, usable in DM too, and very simple if bound to a single key. All id-software levels were designed before the introduction of the rocketjump, and therefore the id-team undertook no actions prevent it. Custom level designers on the contary, did. When I concentrated on custom level running when I started NederSPEED, I found that user-made maps would eventually be a key feature to speedrunning, but also that maps were becoming 'slicker'. Custom-map-designers took their precautions to keep the player from completing their level fast by skipping parts by just rocketjumping to a key and exiting. There are exceptions of course, but a large part of the custom levels can only be completed by running the normal route. This is why I decided to start the RDE-project. I wanted to create custom levels that CAN be Done Quick.

I am quite aware of the fact that much if not all of the thrill that a rocket-, grenade- or whatever jump/boost is just that you refuse to take a route that a level designer wants you to take. For me, it is useless to consider this, as any route I would ever design I would do so from a runners perspective. I did try to make the maps interesting apart from a few grenadejumps. Every level features a normal route (be a nice kid and press all buttons) and a run-route. In the first level, these two will not differ much, but in the later levels, tricks become increasingly difficult as well as numerous. It should be hard to optimize a run, especially when running 100%'s. The shortcuts are meant to be too difficult for all of them to fit in one demo, so one has to make time-sacrifices. But who knows...


FoH1M1, Q1SP/Coop


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