Renegade's Custom Quake and Quake II Levels

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This would the best model maker I know


This is probably one of my favorite models, it was created by the Coven Clan. There are several skins available for this model as a seperate download.

Rhino Model (980k)
Additional Rhino Skins (111k)

An awesome model by Micheal Mellor. The animation and overall work of this model makes it a must.

Hunter Model (1.23megs)

Another awesome model by Micheal Mellor. This is one of those models that makes you go wow. Get it.

Tekk-blade Model (710kb)

Crack Whore
The famous crack whore model from Paul Steed. This is one hot babe so take her home with you.

Crack Whore Model (2.5megs)

An awesome animation done by Brian "EvilBastard" Collins makes this model a definite download.

Angelita Model (469k)

This is a cool faerie type model by EvilBastard with realistic fluid animations. This small model which gives unexperienced players a small advantage.

Faerie Model (441k)

Forgotten One
I believe that this is one of EvilBastard's best models, you just have to see it to believe it.

Forgotten One Model (1.5MB)

Lady Death
This is the contest winning model by Chaos Comics, a very well done remake of the famous comic book character.

Lady Death Model (1.5MB)

Perilith knight
This is a knight model done by James Green from Perilith. It has awesome animations, and a cool VWEP pack.

Perilith Knight Model (1.3MB)

Sydney is an awesome female model done by EvilBastard. It comes with an optional skin pack. Animation is very cool with dual pistols.

Sydney Model (792k)
Sydney Skin Pack (219k)

Once again EvilBastard comes through with another nice model called Yohko. Simply put, a definite download.

Yohko Model (539k)

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