And All That Could Have Been

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Author: R.P.G. | Rating: 9.00 | Download:

R.P.G. is known for creating some quality maps and this one fits that description nicely. Right from the start you notice that this level has alot of detail and although it’s a medium sized map, the scope appears very large.

Gameplay is in high volumes with difficult enemy placement. You have shots fired at you from all directions in the outdoor areas and, at times, the corridors are completely blocked by Quake minions. It isn’t to much to overcome the opposition since the map is mostly comprised of grunts, enforcers, and ogres, but, by placing a plentiful amount of them in your way, even the easiest of enemies become a challenging task. The level becomes even more difficult due to lack of ammo. The map isn’t actually unbalanced, it’s just that the ammo is pretty tight so make sure every shot counts. You will need it at the end, especially, as you are bombarded with waves of opposing forces.

The level design is top notch tech-base with plenty of areas that will make you want to stop and enjoy the scenery. You do have to play fetch the keys with a little backtracking but it’s nothing too extreme. Just be aware when grabbing those keys, and weapons for that matter, because they tend to spring traps. As I stated earlier, the level seems huge with its large open areas that can pull alot of your computers recources. Especially if you’re using an engine that includes a bunch of eye candy.

In conclusion, And All That Could Have Been is a medium sized tech-base that is a prime example of how tech-bases should be done. Using textures created by Speedy and architecture reminiscent of Quake2, R.P.G. has created a single player expierence well worth the download.

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