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Target Quake is one of those rare mods that when you first read about it you think, “There’s no way that it’s been pulled off!”, but soon after you load it up you realize that not only was it pulled off, it is awesome. You begin in your base with a group of fellow slipgaters cheering you on. There are lines of text that they are saying but it can become difficult to read them all quick enough. Still, it has its bits of comedy that helps assit the, “fun”, mood of the game.

Weapons are done very different when compared to most Quake add-ons. You get just a few weapons that can be modified by power-ups. Be careful with the Thunder bolt because upon firing it throws you back a few steps and can push off a ledge.

Health is picked up by killing the Quake monsters and absorbing their life force that is seen as blue and white bubble above their corpses. Though not completely original, an interesting technique. Not to often did I have to actually worry about my health. Most of my deaths came from falling into lava.

The levels should be familiar to any side-scrolling fan. Personally, it felt like I was playing through some old Contra levels the majority of the game. Each level has it’s jump around theme consisting of jumping on disappearing steps or navigating your way through moving lifts over a huge lava pool. The Quake baddies are usually placed in the spot that gives you the most trouble. You will find yourself having to use a strategic plan to take these guys out. What I like to do is jump, and then shoot. Say it with me, “Jump, and then shoot.” Good!

Of course, the gameplay can become tiresome. You really get let down when you finish half the game and find out that you must go back and repeat the levels you just beat. This time around though there are new enemy placements and other added challenges. I would have liked to have seen more new levels with new challenges.

In conclusion, if you’ve been looking for something fun and new to play this mod will fullfill your wishes. A definite recommendation on this one.

- DorKwolf

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  1. Comment by xaGe | 2006/04/04 at 09:54:44

    Great game, to bad it won’t run in darkplaces though.. :-(

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  3. Comment by Marco Feindler | 2008/04/05 at 21:02:40

    Hi, and that on a Saturday

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