Server postponed.


O.K. We have have tried everything that we can think of and read about at this time and still the server is not working outside of our network. So, unfortunately, we must postpone the server. We will continue working on it and we are hoping to get it fixed as soon as possible. If you have any information that you think might get it working please email Darkwolf.


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  1. Comment by Darkwolf | 2005/08/07 at 14:25:22

    Working on getting a static IP, if they dont try to rape us on the charges.. also upgrading to 5mbs shortly. YaY!

  2. Comment by DorKwolf | 2005/08/07 at 14:52:39

    I hate you.

  3. Comment by Spirit | 2005/08/13 at 04:13:58

    Don’t you just need to forward the Quake ports in your firewall (if there’s one)? I think this could be the problem.

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