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Author: Avatar | Rating: 9.85 | Download: tqv1.zip

Target Quake is one of those rare mods that when you first read about it you think, “There’s no way that it’s been pulled off!”, but soon after you load it up you realize that not only was it pulled off, it is awesome. You begin in your base with a group of fellow slipgaters cheering you on. There are lines of text that they are saying but it can become difficult to read them all quick enough. Still, it has its bits of comedy that helps assit the, “fun”, mood of the game.

Weapons are done very different when compared to most Quake add-ons. You get just a few weapons that can be modified by power-ups. Be careful with the Thunder bolt because upon firing it throws you back a few steps and can push off a ledge.

Health is picked up by killing the Quake monsters and absorbing their life force that is seen as blue and white bubble above their corpses. Though not completely original, an interesting technique. Not to often did I have to actually worry about my health. Most of my deaths came from falling into lava.

The levels should be familiar to any side-scrolling fan. Personally, it felt like I was playing through some old Contra levels the majority of the game. Each level has it’s jump around theme consisting of jumping on disappearing steps or navigating your way through moving lifts over a huge lava pool. The Quake baddies are usually placed in the spot that gives you the most trouble. You will find yourself having to use a strategic plan to take these guys out. What I like to do is jump, and then shoot. Say it with me, “Jump, and then shoot.” Good!

Of course, the gameplay can become tiresome. You really get let down when you finish half the game and find out that you must go back and repeat the levels you just beat. This time around though there are new enemy placements and other added challenges. I would have liked to have seen more new levels with new challenges.

In conclusion, if you’ve been looking for something fun and new to play this mod will fullfill your wishes. A definite recommendation on this one.

- DorKwolf

DorKwolf <![CDATA[Darkmaster interview.]]> http://dynamic.gamespy.com/%7Eretroquake/blog/?p=291 2005-08-11T14:03:40Z 2005-08-11T14:03:40Z News I recently had a chance to sit down with Vortex and discuss his upcoming mod, Darkmaster. Find out some more information here.

We finished up the Neo poll today. Here is the rundown:
Could Neo dodge a rail slug?

  • Yes 16% (9 votes)
  • No 55% (30 votes)
  • Maybe 15% (8 votes)
  • Who is Neo 15% (8 votes)

Thanks to everyone who voted on our silly poll.

DorKwolf <![CDATA[Interview with Vortex.]]> http://dynamic.gamespy.com/%7Eretroquake/blog/?p=290 2005-08-11T13:56:59Z 2005-08-11T13:56:59Z Content Quake Interviews

screenshot 1 screenshot 2

Author: VorteX
Website: Razorwind Bastion
Add-on: Darkmaster

DorKwolf: Why did you decide to use Quake instead of a newer game?

VorteX: Because I love Quake and I don’t have enough experience and team members to make a totally new game. Quake was also closest to our concept. So it was a good compromise.

DorKwolf: You have a very interesting backstory. What gave you the idea for it?

VorteX: Initial idea is to show two different worlds, different in visual plane, but similar in matter. Our world is lighty and mild in conception. Netherworld is chaotic and spiteful. But it is similar since we have made our world awful (in 26 century). During reflections we have taken away many moral factors as they suit the book more than a game and came to idea to try to sate Quake with those new elements of concept, that we thought out, creating the Netherworld. We have thought, that not bad was to issue it as Opposing Force for Quake, so you begin game as summoned demon.

DorKwolf: I saw that you are using the Darkplaces engine. Have you made any new modifications to the engine, if so, can you tell us about them?

VorteX: There is no big changes, just a few utils for QC implementation of our ideas (extension to get tag position in worldspace for md3’s for example). Currently we only have pathfinding algorithm in developing that will be used by monster AI.

DorKwolf: What can you tell us about the new enemies we will be facing?

VorteX: There will be servants of Hurr-varh and shal-varh empires (new knights, necromancers in different sorts, new types of undeads), khartorians (a human-like race lived in Netherworld) which will own all weapons that we see in quake, apparently this is expanded state of grunts and enforcers. There will also be new monsters from Ostyonix swamps zone (marsh-style monsters). Of course, there will be some new enemies from the Earth dimension as well.

DorKwolf: Will we get our hands on some new weapons as well?

VorteX: Yes, it is empire weapons which is mostly magical devices. A few new guns from Khartor. We going to add weapon modificators to game.

DorKwolf: Is it multiplayer compatible? If so, what about co-op?

VorteX: Darkmaster is multiplayer-compatible. But i cannot say about co-op support yet because singleplayer mode is in early stage of developing. There will be another cooperative mode like Keeping where players defend castle from monsters attacks.

DorKwolf: Will Darkmaster have a custom soundtrack?

VorteX: I would like it. But it is not expected yet. If we receive a chance (composer teammate) it can appear.

DorKwolf: What made you change the name from Netherworld to Darkmaster?

VorteX: There is already a game with named Netherworld. Darkmaster’s name comes from the storyline.

DorKwolf: Is there a release date scheduled for Darkmaster?

VorteX: No, currently we do not have a stable enough team to name a date.

DorKwolf: Could you give us a rundown on what we will be seeing from you at this years QExpo?

VorteX: Darkmaster will arrive on QExpo this year as netplay test version. It includes standart player-vs-player multiplayer modes, just like Qtest.

DorKwolf: What has been your biggest influence as far as styling and gameplay for this mod?

VorteX: The storyline.

DorKwolf: What are some of your favorite mods and maps? Have they inspired you in your work on your current mod?

VorteX: My favourite Quake addons are Scourge of Armagon and Nehahra. Also I like the Shrak TC as best “another Quake” thing. We pretty much like modern Quake maps like Vondur’s “Adamantine cruelty”, Kinn’s “Marcher Fortress”. We look back at Quake community activity. Quake was released 9 years ago and it still alive, thats a great inspiration. Of course a mod we like will affect thing we create.

DorKwolf: What are your views on the Quake community as a whole?

VorteX: It is pleasant to me, I like to communicate to the interesting people in it. That’s great.

DorKwolf: How are you feeling about the upcoming Quake4 and Quake Wars?

VorteX: I guess they will be very different from ” the roots “. I’m pretty much interested by the upcoming Quake 4 because all Raven software games are just cool. I have mixed feeling relating to Quake Wars, I shall wait for the further information on it.

DorKwolf: Is there anything else you would like to add?

VorteX: I understand that our concept rather strongly leaves in novelty. We try to make gameplay of Darkmaster maximally closest to Quake. Netplay test that will be released at Qexpo 2005 will show how we coped with this.

DorKwolf: Sounds great and we can’t wait to play it! I appreciate your time today.

screenshot 3 screenshot 4
DorKwolf <![CDATA[Server postponed.]]> http://dynamic.gamespy.com/%7Eretroquake/blog/?p=287 2005-08-03T20:18:21Z 2005-08-03T20:18:21Z News O.K. We have have tried everything that we can think of and read about at this time and still the server is not working outside of our network. So, unfortunately, we must postpone the server. We will continue working on it and we are hoping to get it fixed as soon as possible. If you have any information that you think might get it working please email Darkwolf.


DorKwolf <![CDATA[More server goodies.]]> http://dynamic.gamespy.com/%7Eretroquake/blog/?p=285 2005-08-02T14:16:30Z 2005-08-02T14:16:30Z News I have made a new Connect to server page. Eventually this will become the central hub for information about the server but I still have some ideas to implement. As of now, you can join the server straight from the page but you need to install the npq2plug.dll into your browsers plugin folder. Simply right click the link and save it. Once installed you will see our server information and you can join immediately.

Frag away!

DorKwolf <![CDATA[New review and poll status.]]> http://dynamic.gamespy.com/%7Eretroquake/blog/?p=283 2005-08-02T00:55:31Z 2005-08-02T00:55:31Z News Posted a new review of [Kona]’s alkdm15: Worlds Between the Margin. This is a great deathmatch level and is currently running on our server. Be sure to read the review, download the map, and log on to the server for a fragging good time!

I’m closing the poll tonight with a tie between QuakeWorld and Quake2. Each game recieved 11 votes with NetQuake bringing in 6. We have decided to go with Quake2 at the moment due to it’s simple setup. We are still working on the Quake2 server and we’re hoping to get a QuakeWorld server up soon as well. Thanks to everyone who voted.

DorKwolf <![CDATA[Worlds Between the Margin]]> http://dynamic.gamespy.com/%7Eretroquake/blog/?p=282 2005-08-02T00:46:32Z 2005-08-02T00:46:32Z Content Quake2 Quake2 Levels Quake2 Multiplayer Author: [Kona] ¦ Rating: 8.96 ¦ Download: alkdm15.zip]]>

screenshot 1 screenshot 2

Author: [Kona] | Rating: 8.96 | Download: alkdm15.zip

After a while, Quake2 maps can start look the same. Let’s face it, how many base levels can you stand to play before you finally just throw in the towel. Thankfully, we have inventive mappers out there who understand this need of change, and with maps that usually raise the bar on style and gameplay, [Kona] is one of these mappers.

Worlds Between the Margin fits right in with it’s older brothers when it comes to level design. The main part of the map is a small, open area which is surrounded by two levels of hallways, balconies, and a large bridge up on the third level. Every area is easily accesible by staircase, elevator, teleporter, or just jumping down to a lower level. There are also a good amount of camping spots so be sure to keep an aware out for attacks from above.

The map gave off a sort of castle theme and is beautifully textured using a texture set by lundoom. Players can be hard to spot due to the dark textures! There were a few instances where I found an outside ledge, crouched down, and wasn’t seen for quite awhile.

The levels main weapon tends to be the rocket launcher but it also supports the railgun, chaingun, supershotgun, machinegun, grenades, and the grenade launcher. Health and armor powerups are easily found throughout the level. The mega health, usually located in more difficult to reach locations, can be easily found in the open area.

Though I have concentrated on the good parts of this level, alkdm15 isn’t without its troubles. The mega health, being easily accessible, can turn the tides in a fierce match to quickly and, as I stated earlier, it can become frustrating loosing sight of your enemy due to the dark texturing. Small complaints aside, this was a fun deathmatch level, and if you’re a fan of [Kona]’s earlier works, you won’t be disappointed.

DorKwolf <![CDATA[Review, Slipgate, IRC, & New Server: Heck of a weekend!]]> http://dynamic.gamespy.com/%7Eretroquake/blog/?p=281 2005-07-31T19:44:08Z 2005-07-31T19:44:08Z News I’ve got an interesting update today.

  • First off, I’ve posted a review of R.P.G.’s And all that could have been. Be sure to check out this top scoring single player map.
  • Second, I’ve added a new section to RetroQuake called the Slipgate Device. This is a links page where you can submit your own links to a database or view the database within categories. You can also do a search within the database making your site hunting faster.

    Originally, this was going to be a seperate website and it wasn’t going to be opened until next months Qexpo but I decided that it fit perfectly into RetroQuake and truthfully, I couldn’t wait to open it up.
  • Third, if you would like to chat with one of us or maybe you’ve been looking for a place you can chat with other Quake fans, you can login to our irc room at irc.enterthegame.com #retroquake.
  • And finally, if you haven’t seen the post below, we are attempting at setting up our own server for RetroQuake. Right now, it is still in development stages but we need people to try and log on so we can see how it is working. The address is and it’s running Quake2 at the moment. We know it’s behind a router but Darkwolf is trying to work around that. If you have any tips please drop him a line. We are also polling on what type of server you would like us to run so please be sure and cast your vote.
DorKwolf <![CDATA[And All That Could Have Been]]> http://dynamic.gamespy.com/%7Eretroquake/blog/?p=278 2005-07-31T19:15:16Z 2005-07-31T19:15:16Z Content Quake Quake Levels Quake Single Player Quake Levels Top Scores Author: R.P.G. ¦ Rating: 9.00 ¦ Download: could.zip]]>

screenshot 1 screenshot 2

Author: R.P.G. | Rating: 9.00 | Download: could.zip

R.P.G. is known for creating some quality maps and this one fits that description nicely. Right from the start you notice that this level has alot of detail and although it’s a medium sized map, the scope appears very large.

Gameplay is in high volumes with difficult enemy placement. You have shots fired at you from all directions in the outdoor areas and, at times, the corridors are completely blocked by Quake minions. It isn’t to much to overcome the opposition since the map is mostly comprised of grunts, enforcers, and ogres, but, by placing a plentiful amount of them in your way, even the easiest of enemies become a challenging task. The level becomes even more difficult due to lack of ammo. The map isn’t actually unbalanced, it’s just that the ammo is pretty tight so make sure every shot counts. You will need it at the end, especially, as you are bombarded with waves of opposing forces.

The level design is top notch tech-base with plenty of areas that will make you want to stop and enjoy the scenery. You do have to play fetch the keys with a little backtracking but it’s nothing too extreme. Just be aware when grabbing those keys, and weapons for that matter, because they tend to spring traps. As I stated earlier, the level seems huge with its large open areas that can pull alot of your computers recources. Especially if you’re using an engine that includes a bunch of eye candy.

In conclusion, And All That Could Have Been is a medium sized tech-base that is a prime example of how tech-bases should be done. Using textures created by Speedy and architecture reminiscent of Quake2, R.P.G. has created a single player expierence well worth the download.

DorKwolf <![CDATA[New Server.]]> http://dynamic.gamespy.com/%7Eretroquake/blog/?p=280 2005-07-31T07:41:23Z 2005-07-31T07:41:23Z News We have our server semi-running with Quake2. Try it out if you like, the address is We are still watching the poll so please, continue voting.