Review, Slipgate, IRC, & New Server: Heck of a weekend!


I’ve got an interesting update today.

  • First off, I’ve posted a review of R.P.G.’s And all that could have been. Be sure to check out this top scoring single player map.
  • Second, I’ve added a new section to RetroQuake called the Slipgate Device. This is a links page where you can submit your own links to a database or view the database within categories. You can also do a search within the database making your site hunting faster.

    Originally, this was going to be a seperate website and it wasn’t going to be opened until next months Qexpo but I decided that it fit perfectly into RetroQuake and truthfully, I couldn’t wait to open it up.
  • Third, if you would like to chat with one of us or maybe you’ve been looking for a place you can chat with other Quake fans, you can login to our irc room at #retroquake.
  • And finally, if you haven’t seen the post below, we are attempting at setting up our own server for RetroQuake. Right now, it is still in development stages but we need people to try and log on so we can see how it is working. The address is and it’s running Quake2 at the moment. We know it’s behind a router but Darkwolf is trying to work around that. If you have any tips please drop him a line. We are also polling on what type of server you would like us to run so please be sure and cast your vote.

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  1. Comment by Darkwolf | 2005/07/31 at 16:12:49


  2. Comment by DorKwolf | 2005/07/31 at 16:30:26

    you’re dumb, and I hate you. Quit killing me in deathmatch.

  3. Comment by DorKwolf | 2005/07/31 at 20:48:31

    I find it interesting that Quake2 is staying in the lead for the server poll. That’s fortunate because Quake2 has been the easiest to set up. Just one question, has anyone had any luck logging on to the server. We really need to know if it’s working properly.

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