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After a while, Quake2 maps can start look the same. Let’s face it, how many base levels can you stand to play before you finally just throw in the towel. Thankfully, we have inventive mappers out there who understand this need of change, and with maps that usually raise the bar on style and gameplay, [Kona] is one of these mappers.

Worlds Between the Margin fits right in with it’s older brothers when it comes to level design. The main part of the map is a small, open area which is surrounded by two levels of hallways, balconies, and a large bridge up on the third level. Every area is easily accesible by staircase, elevator, teleporter, or just jumping down to a lower level. There are also a good amount of camping spots so be sure to keep an aware out for attacks from above.

The map gave off a sort of castle theme and is beautifully textured using a texture set by lundoom. Players can be hard to spot due to the dark textures! There were a few instances where I found an outside ledge, crouched down, and wasn’t seen for quite awhile.

The levels main weapon tends to be the rocket launcher but it also supports the railgun, chaingun, supershotgun, machinegun, grenades, and the grenade launcher. Health and armor powerups are easily found throughout the level. The mega health, usually located in more difficult to reach locations, can be easily found in the open area.

Though I have concentrated on the good parts of this level, alkdm15 isn’t without its troubles. The mega health, being easily accessible, can turn the tides in a fierce match to quickly and, as I stated earlier, it can become frustrating loosing sight of your enemy due to the dark texturing. Small complaints aside, this was a fun deathmatch level, and if you’re a fan of [Kona]’s earlier works, you won’t be disappointed.

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