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Author: MaTi | Rating: 9.50 | Download:

This is another deathmatch/duel map from MaTi, and it is a blast to play. The visuals here are outstanding; the crumbling-wall effect from his first map is back, and taken up a notch. Concrete tiles are seen missing from the floors and walls, and you’ll find a few hanging above your head, ready to drop. A really nice effect. The custom textures are applied perfectly, and create a consistent theme throughout the map.

A water-filled pit at the lowest level contains the LG, and requires you to jump in to retrieve it. The only exit from the pit is a teleport- which zaps you to a ledge directly above. This makes for a nice little trap; your opponent can wait for you at the teleport exit, and happily dispose of you as you come out. The bots didn’t take advantage of this, of course, but I sure did :)

The gameplay flows fast and smooth; rooms and walkways have plenty of room for fighting, with angled corners that increase the speed limit tremendously. Item placement is right on the mark, and spaced out well. This map plays great as a 1 on 1, but really rocks with 3-4 players.

I have no major gripes with this map, except that I found myself running around with 90+ rockets at times- I think a sparser application of ammo would have made the combat feel a little ‘edgier’ for 1 on 1, but with 3-4 players it’s not a problem.

Overall, for a serious deathmatch duel, you can’t miss with this one. Highly recommended.

- necro

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