Lost Entrance of the Dismal Oublietee (e2m10)

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Author: John Romero | Rating: 7.60 | Download: e2m10glq.zip

The Lost Entrance To The Dismal Oubliette is not so much a level as it is a curiosity… a bit of Quake nostalgia, if you will. After being trimmed from the original game due to a self-imposed filesize limit, it sat forgotten and unused until just being recently released by John Romero to commemorate the 5-year anniversary of the release of Quake.

This level was meant to be the entrance to the original E2M6 [The Dismal Oubliette], and the first thing the player will notice is that the difficulty level is tuned with the assumption that he is carrying the ammo, weapons and armor accumulated during the previous 5 levels of the episode. Since you start the map with just the shotgun and 25 rounds (unless you use impulse 9), this makes for some extremely difficult fighting in the early going. It may be more prudent to try and dodge enemies where possible rather than clear all of the monsters from the level. However, since it is basically a narrow, winding passage climbing up to a series of ledges, this is quite hard to do, and it is likely the player will have to restart the level many times before he makes it safely to the end.

There are some ammo caches which are helpful if they can be reached, as well as some much-needed powerups in the water below (made much easier to find since the level has been recompiled to support GLQuake’s transparent water), and there’s even a secret which is highly recommended to get early on… this makes the first few encounters much more survivable. But rest assured that all of your Quake reflexes will be put to the extreme test as you make your way through this level.

When you get to the end… about all you can do is say “OK, I did it”. There is no exit in this level, so you need to use the console MAP command or exit the game entirely when your labors are done (or when you are out of range of any surviving monsters… your ammo stock will probably be pretty low by the end). In summary, even though this map can’t really be “put” anywhere in Quake and doesn’t really add anything to the game itself, it is still designed and produced by id software, and so should be accorded the proper respect as probably the last official update to the classic game. Definitely worth a look.

- Zoopster

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  1. Comment by Gila | 2005/07/03 at 02:30:28

    i loved this little piece. it’s suposed to be there for smoother level transition (to mach previous level’s ending to the beginning of e2m6). john romero also said that there were some other bits that were cut.

    i just hope someday john will release all the .map source files for original levels and maybe all the its that were omited and then somebody will make and ‘extended’ version of original quake, well, sort of.

  2. Comment by tinux | 2006/10/15 at 09:31:11

    he just did release the source: http://rome.ro/#116063242826700961

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