Sat, 15 Apr 2006 04:55:07 +0000 en Target Quake Author: Avatar | Rating: 9.85 | Download: Target Quake is one of those rare mods that when you first read about it you think, “There’s no way that it’s been pulled off!”, but soon after you load it up you realize that not only was it pulled off, it is ... Darkmaster interview. I recently had a chance to sit down with Vortex and discuss his upcoming mod, Darkmaster. Find out some more information here. We finished up the Neo poll today. Here is the rundown: Could Neo dodge a rail slug? Yes 16% (9 votes) No 55% (30 votes) Maybe 15% (8 votes) Who is Neo 15% (8 ... Interview with Vortex. Author: VorteX Website: Razorwind Bastion Add-on: Darkmaster DorKwolf: Why did you decide to use Quake instead of a newer game? VorteX: Because I love Quake and I don’t have enough experience and team members to make a totally new game. Quake was also closest to our concept. So it was a good compromise. DorKwolf: You ... Server postponed. O.K. We have have tried everything that we can think of and read about at this time and still the server is not working outside of our network. So, unfortunately, we must postpone the server. We will continue working on it and we are hoping to get it fixed as ... More server goodies. I have made a new Connect to server page. Eventually this will become the central hub for information about the server but I still have some ideas to implement. As of now, you can join the server straight from the page but you need to install the npq2plug.dll into your ... New review and poll status. Posted a new review of [Kona]’s alkdm15: Worlds Between the Margin. This is a great deathmatch level and is currently running on our server. Be sure to read the review, download the map, and log on to the server for a fragging good time! I’m closing the poll tonight with a ... Worlds Between the Margin Author: [Kona] | Rating: 8.96 | Download: After a while, Quake2 maps can start look the same. Let’s face it, how many base levels can you stand to play before you finally just throw in the towel. Thankfully, we have inventive mappers out there who understand this need of change, ... Review, Slipgate, IRC, & New Server: Heck of a weekend! I’ve got an interesting update today. First off, I’ve posted a review of R.P.G.’s And all that could have been. Be sure to check out this top scoring single player map. Second, I’ve added a new section to RetroQuake called the Slipgate Device. This is a links page where you ... And All That Could Have Been Author: R.P.G. | Rating: 9.00 | Download: R.P.G. is known for creating some quality maps and this one fits that description nicely. Right from the start you notice that this level has alot of detail and although it’s a medium sized map, the scope appears very large. Gameplay is in high ... New Server. We have our server semi-running with Quake2. Try it out if you like, the address is We are still watching the poll so please, continue voting.