More server goodies.


I have made a new Connect to server page. Eventually this will become the central hub for information about the server but I still have some ideas to implement. As of now, you can join the server straight from the page but you need to install the npq2plug.dll into your browsers plugin folder. Simply right click the link and save it. Once installed you will see our server information and you can join immediately.

Frag away!

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  1. Comment by Spirit | 2005/08/03 at 04:59:15

    erm… that is a local ip, i don’t think that anyone will be able to connect ;)

  2. Comment by jonnie2 | 2009/03/14 at 14:55:53
  3. Comment by jonny3 | 2009/03/16 at 19:04:59
  4. Comment by jonnik1 | 2009/03/16 at 23:05:17
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  8. Comment by jonnik1 | 2009/04/23 at 07:10:11

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