The Powersphere Quest

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Author: Cedar Kraus | Rating: 10.00 | Download:

Ah, here before you, faithful reader, is the very apex of spq2 mapping. In my opinion this is the strongest release ever for quake2, and I doubt that anything else this grand will ever be released. These are some of the most beautiful maps I have ever seen, with truly insane gameplay. It’s a five map unit done up in standard id textures, but that’s the only standard thing about it.

Techno City: 93 monsters
The first map greets you with an impressive building front jutting out of some great natural rock formations. And this is a preview of things to come. The level is done up in base textures, for example “Outer Base” of the original game, but this is significantly better. Huge, multilayered courtyards are common, with skyline structures kissing the sky. Every area looks fantastic. Progression is very simple, but effective. You kill an enemy, and a forcefield blocking your progress dissipates. As for gameplay, I’ve never seen anything like it before. In the first room alone, you fight 4 tanks. It only escalates from this point, as Cedar Kraus has a thing for tanks. My only complaint is that to maintain ammo balance across the unit, you have to use your blaster for the first half of the level.

Hell’s Canyon: 29 monsters
Wow was my one and only thought while playing this level. The level is similar to “Outlands” of the original game, only on a infinitely larger scale, with the best rock formations I’ve ever seen in any FPS game. Equally impressive is the river that runs through the entire level, and how if you fall in at the top, it will take you through the entire level before depositing you at the bottom. And the green lighted bridge is one of the best set-pieces I have ever seen in quake2. Progression is simple, you can go everywhere in the level from the start, each level is connected by ladders. Gameplay in this level is great. To open the exit, you must eliminate the 5 flying bosses that reside within the level. And the supporting cast of foes are hard as well, as they are all berserkers, gunners, gladiators or tank commanders.

The Crossover: 42 monsters
The amazement continues in this level, a mostly gray metal installation built into more of Cedar’s impressive rock formations. As usual, everything looks great, with the water tunnel being one of the most original and great looking pieces of architecture I’ve ever seen in a custom level. Gameplay is just as hectic as before, with, if I’m not mistaken, 6 supertanks and 2 flying bosses. It’s all very, very fun.

The Temple: 47 monsters
The final full level of the unit, Cedar goes out in style. Done up in the palace textures of the original game, he has made id software look silly with this map. The entire map is one huge temple, with huge rock basins and tunnels surrounding it. Deep within the heart of the temple is an amazing set-piece that looks like the invulnerability symbol, but it’s blue, rotating and incredibly huge. Great stuff. This map is also the gameplay climax. Supertanks, flying bosses are thrown at you in gratuitous amounts, with Makron to finish you off at the end.

The End: 0 monsters
Here lies the object of your quest. Very small level, but up to the standards set by the other ones. A rather nice way to end the best unit ever made for quake2.

I think it’s obvious I like these maps. Although what could be a problem for people is difficulty. If you have any doubts about your playing abilities, do not play on hard. Besides the insane combats, there is a unhealthy lack of ammo, so the blaster comes into play a lot. If you can get past this, I’m sure you will enjoy this unit as much as I did. Now go download it!

- Edgecrusher

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  1. Comment by DorKwolf | 2005/06/29 at 05:19:11

    This level pack is actually made for cooperative play. You can play it by yourself, which is how the review is written, but the .txt file says:

    if you are going to play this pack by yourself
    in single player, make sure you run this command line:
    quake2 +map techcity +skill 0″

    thanks to vigil for pointing this out.

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