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Rocket Arena 4 BETA 3 Released! -

Rocket Arena 4 Beta 3 for Quake 1.2 is now available!
Changes include:

Bug reports should be filed on the RA4 development forums.
Note: This release is only compatible with Quake 4 1.2. Please upgrade if you haven't already.

Rocket Arena 4 BETA 2 Released! -

Rocket Arena 4 Beta 2 for Quake 1.1 is now available!
Changes include:

Bug reports should be filed on the RA4 development forums.
Note: This release is only compatible with Quake 4 1.1. Please upgrade if you haven't already.

Rocket Arena 4 BETA Released! -

I'm pleased to announce that the first public beta of Rocket Arena 4 for Quake 4 is now available!
Here's what you get:

Bug reports should be filed on the RA4 development forums.
Note: This release is NOT compatible with the Quake 4 1.1 beta patch.

RA3 1.76 Released -

Rocket Arena 3 1.76 is now available for download. This version includes a number of new features has updated versions of 4 maps. Here is the full list:

Note: Client and server files are now combined. There is no separate server installation. 1.76 is a bugfix update for 1.75.

RA3 1.7 Released -

Rocket Arena 3 1.7 is now available for download. This version includes a number of new features and three new maps. Here is the full list:

RA3 1.6 Released -

The first RA3 release in two years is now available for download. The full client is 101MB, and the upgrade from 1.5 is 25MB. Windows, Mac, and Linux versions are available.
Here is a summary of the changes in the new version:

News on New Development -

I've been getting tons of e-mail lately asking when the next release of RA3 will be ready. Well, now I finally have some good news to share with you!
As you have undoubtedly noticed, I've had very little time to devote to RA3 over the last year (who knew getting engaged would be so much work!). During that time, I received several offers from individuals interested in continuing development of RA3 on their own. Although I was tempted to just let it go and see what happens, I wasn't confident that any of these well-meaning individuals understood the amount of work required, or had the level of commitment needed to assure successful and quality releases. However, I've finally come across a group of people who I believe will be able to give RA3 the attention it deserves and continue to help it evolve and the community stay strong. The group is actually a Swedish Company (Ataxia Software HB) filled with RA3-players who are passionate about improving the game, led by Patrik 'ElQueffo' Persson. Both because they are long-time RA3 players, and because they are an experienced team, I have high hopes for their success.
The team has already started working on an update that fixes bugs and merges features with the 1.32 source. In addition, I've provided them with copies of all the wonderful bug and feature feedback you've sent me for the past year to help them understand what people care about most (although as RA3 players themselves they already have a good idea). I can't announce any release date at this point - but rest assured that progress is being made once again and this train is moving full-steam-ahead. Update - You can see a changelog with current progress here.

New Release -

The updated Quake 3 source has finally been released, and I am planning on making at least one more release for RA3. Since the major complaint in previous versions has been related to cheating, the new release will probably be QVM only, so that it can be compatible with Punk Buster in 1.32. This means no chat or MP3 playing, and the standard Q3 server browser.

Quake 3 1.30 Support -

Initial reports are that RA3 works fine with the "final" Quake 3 point release (1.30). If this is indeed the final release, I plan to go ahead with a new (hopefully "final") RA3 release once the updated source is available.

Server operators that are experiencing "client/server game mismatch" errors should make sure they set the following cvars on the command line: "+set vm_game 0 +set vm_cgame 0 +set vm_ui 0". This will assure that the server uses the correct game DLL.

Misc 1.5 Issues -

Overall the 1.5 release has gone great - most users are reporting no problems and are enjoying the new features. There are however, a few issues that have cropped up for some users. Here is the currently list of issues and what you can do if you are experiencing any of them.

Also - for those of you that haven't noticed - ra3map6 has been updated with a revamped pickup arena. Be sure to check it out!

RA3 Version 1.5 RELEASED! -

Rocket Arena 3 version 1.5 is now available. The upgrade from previous versions is about 50mb, with the full version clocking in at 90mb.


This highly anticipated update includes 5 new maps as well as numerous improvements to the code. This will also be the first release of RA3 to support Mac clients.
NOTE: 1.4 is NOT compatible with 1.5 - if you try to connect to 1.4 servers with 1.5, you will not get the RA3 menu and may see error messages. This also means you can't play the maps locally unless you download the 1.5 server files.
Also, as with 1.4, if you have messed up textures it is due to a bad shader in some pk3 file. Make sure you delete any extra pk3 files from your "baseq3" and "arena" directories.

The full list of improvements over the last non-beta release is below:

Tips and Maps -

Here's a tip for navigating the world of public RA3 servers, since "callvote kick" doesn't quite work well for kicking people will rediculously hard to duplicate names:

To get a list of client numbers on the server you are playing on, type:

    /callvote clientkick

To call for a vote to kick a particular client number, type:

    /callvote clientkick [clientnumber]

... where [clientnumber] is the number of the client you want to kick. Example:

    /callvote clientkick 5

will kick whichever client on the server that has a client id of 5. I'm sure you can see the usefulness of this command if you come across a particularly annoying player named Ii1LlL1LIiiIL. :)

And also, MAHQ is hosting a grand total of NINE custom made Multi-Arena's, with the most recently released "All the Aces" from SgtGhost and Wiebo de Wit, which features the already classic Weibo de Wit map, "Overkill" which is a must-have map for any 25v25 game of Clan Arena! Grab it now.

Custom Map Rampage -

While you wait for the new patch to come out for Quake 3: Arena (which is about the same thing as saying "While you wait for Team Arena to get packaged and shipped before Christmas," a good way to cure the boredom of playing the same 2 RA3 maps over and over (you know which ones I'm talking about) is to head over to Multi-Arena Head Quarters and download some of the cool new maps hosted there.

There's a total of SEVEN new Multi-Arenas over there, containing a total of 29 new arenas that you can splatter your friends in! Included in the 7 listed is a new one from the maker of RA3MAP1, Firestarter entitled: Frag Like an Egyptian. You can also find the newly released MA by Geit entitled: I'd rather have a pitchfork in my brain.

I can't imagine someone suggesting an action that would prompt THAT responce out of my pie-hole, but it may be quite the interesting MA.

5 Custom MA's Total -

The fifth MAHQ hosted Custom Multi-Arena has hit the virtual shelves this evening. This one comes from the new MAHQ Forum's Moderator Sgt.Ghost and he's got quite the good looking MA ready for you to download. Looking at the screenshots over on MAHQ, you'll probably notice that there's a remake of a classic RA2 map that I'm sure all of you Railgun Whores will love to see back in rotation. Have a look!

And don't forget to check out other RA3 MA's hosted at Multi-Arena Head Quarters. MAHQ is THE resource for MA fans and authors of Custom RA3 Multi-Arenas.

Rocket Arena Discussion List -

I thought this would be a good time to remind everyone about the PlanetQuake Rocket Arena discussion list. This list is a great way to stay in touch with the Rocket Arena community and share your ideas and feedback on the mod. It's also the best way to find out about private betas and release news before it hits the streets.
Subscribe by sending a blank e-mail to: subscribe-rocketarena@lyris.gamespy.com

We do try to keep discussions on-topic and centered on Rocket Arena, so if you just want to talk about Quake in general you should try the PlanetQuake forums.

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