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Rocket Arena 4 Beta 3 Client & Server. Note: You will need the id "Quakemas" map pack for included textures. 5/01/06 35.5 mb

Filename Description Date Size


Rocket Arena 3 Win32 [readme] 4/25/03 135 meg


Rocket Arena 3 1.76a Server Binaries (Windows/Linux) 2/9/06 500 kb

Rocket Arena 3 Mac and Linux [readme] 4/25/03 135 meg

Rocket Arena 3 Soundtrack (14 MP3 tracks)
Note: You can decompress this on Unix/Mac by renaming to .ZIP
7/22/00 80 meg


Rocket Arena 3 Mapping Guide
Only needed if you want to make RA3 Maps.

7/31/00 629 kb

Filename Description Date Size

Rocket 2 Arena Client Pak (28 Maps, 172 Arenas)
Note: You can decompress this in Unix with normal unzip
4/17/99 43 meg

Rocket Arena 2 GameSpy tab (shift-click to download) 1/22/98 1 kb

Rocket Arena 2 Server Files (Win32, Linux, Alpha, Irix, and Solaris files included, client pak required too)
10/7/99 1 mb

Rocket Arena 2 map specs. Only needed for people wanting to make RA2 maps. 4/15/98 53 kb

Filename Description Date Size

Final Arena 1.2 Client Pak 46 maps and all the sounds 12/7/97 6.8 meg

Final Arena 1.2 Server progs (QW and NQ) and QC Source code 12/7/97 272 kb

Clan Arena 1.3 (Final) Server progs (QW and NQ) and QC Source code. Final Arena client pak required for servers and clients 4/23/98 780 kb

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