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October, 2002
The Game continues to evolve and change. At the same time, so does life. For about 10 months now, I've been unable to find time to frag resulting in a failing level of knowledge. Frequently I'm presented with what originally would have seemed to be easy questions, but now I've lost my edge. It's time to pass on the baton. Unless things change again soon, which I doubt, I will no longer be able to update the site.

There are 2 excellent resources for Quake players, and I highly recommend you check their sites for information and further assistance.
Nachos Net and GameAdmins have an incredible amount of people with in-depth knowledge going well beyond my current level.

Many thanks to Stalker (aka Bill), dudio, Ramification, Silane and Rutrow, my original Quake buds who've been my good friends from the start. Also Jethro from DBN, Nabaroth from PA among too many others to name here on a website. To list them all would require a whole other website. :)

Thank you guys, God Bless and stay well.

December, 2001
Alliance CTF has released version 3.2x.  If you're a WF fan for Q2, run over the Thunderdome's site for maps and sound effects.  Not much updating going on since most of the info has not changed.  So peruse and read, don't forget another great source for Admins and people wanting to start servers as well, AdminCentral.

March 23, 2001
The Alliance team continues to upgrade and enhance their offering. Be sure you have the latest version of this cool mod.   And a big thanks to all of you who have sent me emails, I'm glad this site is of help, which was my intention.

December 4, 2000
This site was originally written for Quake players, but it continues to grow in depth as more and more server operators & admins send me notes with questions. Some of the most recent have been related to Firewall implementation. So because I'm not a "tech-wheenie propeller head"  (and I say that affectionately because those guys are the unsung heroes in my business), I'm going to defer to the
AdminCentral guys who can handle those questions more appropriately.  :)    If you can't find the answers to the basics here in my own Server Setup area, check out Dekard's new and improved AdminCentral site!!  It's outstanding.

Weapons Factory Arena and Weapons Factory for Quake 2, and LMCTF for Quake 2 are all killer mods with many popular servers. Get 'em now!!!

November 27, 2000
By massive request, I've added Ramifications SoundPaks to the site.   If you play Weapons Factory or LMCTF, you'll love this added feature. With these sounds, you can add a comical slant to your Quake action.  You'll have to refer to the directions of your particular mod to see where to place these sound effects, and how to enable them in the game.  Rami includes instructions for LMCTF mod, but in Weapons Factory for Q2 you'll have to put them in the WF/Sound directory for instance and use the WFPLAY command. His link is to the left frame called LMCTF Voices.  Or check out my page for specific info on Weapons Factory Q2 sounds.  

My thanks to {LOB} Morrison who tracked down a hilarious single wave file we use in Weapons Factory for Q2 now, call SPAM.WAV   If you play on PhoenixDSL, you gotta get this one, it's a riot.  In WF, people call cover fire "spam" and whine about it all the time. You'll see what I mean if you join us at PhoenixDSL Weapons Factory for Quake 2.

July 3, 2000
The Server Setup info and pages are now referenced by my host, the great folks at PlanetQuake.  Pretty cool.   Featured in this weekends Tech Tips. Thanks guys.   Wishing all my Canadian friends a wonderful holiday as we Americans also celebrate our blessed Independence Day.  God Bless America!!!

June 27, 2000
ALLIANCE CTF 1.0 is now available.  Get this mod, it's a great game.

June 16, 2000
Weapons Factory Arena is now available in beta, and it's just about done folks. Alliance CTF is wrapping up and putting on the final touches.  MatchMod is done.  These are the 3 most exciting and action packed mods under Q3A.

May 6, 2000
Well you all must know about the new point release 117, get it.  Otherwise your client is at risk of a major security breech.

Weapons Factory and Alliance CTF mod development continues.  I've been playing the alpha WFA code, and I have to admit it's awesome to start with, and getting better every day. Good job by the WFA dev team in keeping some of the great secrets to their success in the Q2 Mod (sounds, classes, radio comm to name a few), and adding some neat new features.

Matchmod is a cool mod, but I'm having trouble finding other players who can play it.  It's a great mod, check them out and try it.

APRIL 22, 2000
WOW, I just finished playing some Weapons Factory Arena, an alpha test release.   This is definitely a mod that is going to catch a lot of followers, it's just awesome. "This ambitious & exciting mod will bring avid game players the next evolution in class based combat. If you've tried CTF, or Team Fortress, and are looking for a new experience to get your adrenaline racing, WFA will definitely be the game of choice! In the next few weeks, WFA will also release a public beta version, which will feature 8 unique & powerful player classes, 16 new weapons, 13 special abilities, brand new custom maps, and dozens of new sounds & models. It's the latest incarnation of the high speed teamplay mod that made Weapons Factory easily one of the most popular mods for Quake 2.

APRIL 10, 2000
One full week and an unprecedented amount of hits. Thanks for the patronage and comments. 

The guys at
MatchMod have gone golden with their server based mod for Quake 3 Arena. This is a major kick-butt mod you have to see to believe.  There are 7 different mods of play under one offering, 1 of which is a TF style CTF which is my favorite. The developer is very dedicated to delivering an action packed game with great server operator functions.  If you're a server operator, you'll love this mod and it's versatility. It's a server operators dream with advanced features not yet seen in Q3A.   Get it and install it now.  

There is now an Entire Site Map button in the left frame for your convenience in finding what you're looking for quickly.  Choose the "Outline" view and you'll see all the pages listed in one screen..

APRIL 2, 2000
Auto Aim Zbot for Q3A, another case & point for Pure Server
The Quake Community has determined what they want. The overwhelming amount of servers available are now Pure Servers.  Why?  We've located, downloaded and installed an auto-aim zbot for Q3A. It's unbelievably accurate, smooth and undetectable on non-pure servers without bot protection.    But the good news is, it does NOT work on a Pure Server.  Neither does the cheat HUD we've tested, the one with player radar to locate and identify players behind objects, doors and walls.   Support Pure Servers or servers with cheat detection schemes.

March 31, 2000
Site Update
First public announcement about this site on PQ

Linux, Windows and Mac Oh My!!
  The guys over at
Matchmod, an upcoming kickass Q3A mod touched base on a few linux server related isses you might run into. Silane from Anarchy on Firstworld did the same by adding some other tips on Linux servers running multiple games, multiple mods. So hence, a Linux FAQ page

For server operators and admins, a new section with suggested guidelines & etiquette. More info added in the variables section.  I'm working on some more new useful scripts and more CTF Strategy related stuff.  And to think this was originally just a part time thing for me, it's begun to take on a life of it's own.  But I do love this game, what a ball.

RCON detail and update
"rcon" is for client to server remote control access used by server admins.  If you have a server, you'll want to brush up on the IP banning section, and some tips for using the rcon. The info is down under the server setup section of this site.

Most Common Question in the newsgroup?
How do I get my name and text in colors??  ANSWER: A gazzillion different easy ways. ;-)  You pick which way you want to do it.  There are
GUI add-ons you can download that will do it for you, or you can do it manually, it's very easy. In fact, you can also use my manual method below to have your "SAY" and "SAY_TEAM" text come up in color as well.

To edit your name manually in a text editor (i.e., Notepad), open your config file, mine is called autoexec.cfg.   Find the "seta name" line.  Now edit your name by using the Shift-6 key ( ^ ) and a number between 1 and 7 to determine color before the character(s).
^1 = Red         ^3 = Yellow       ^5 = Light Blue     ^7 = White
^2 = Green     ^4 = Blue           ^6 = Magenta      

seta name ^4Scarab                           Prints my name as Scarab
seta name ^4S^1c^7a^2r^3a^6b           Prints my name as Scar ab

For SAY and SAY_TEAM text in color, just precede the text with the color code.
bind k say_team ^7i have the flag    
Your team will see     <Scarab>: i have the flag

March 29, 2000
The Pure Server Topic
This topic is certainly going to stir a lot of emotion in the Q3A community. I'm only going to state my position, the rest is up to each individual to decide what they want to do. I recommend the Pure Server option be set to 1 unless you're running a server side mod with cheat protection.  There, I said it. Go to the
Server Pages and read up on it, it's a hot topic right now with many cheats already available.

Scripts revisited
It's the "little" things, the small tweaks that make you feel comfortable with the game. One of my "little" pet peaves was the SCORES F1 bind, the default in Q3A that puts the score up only as long as you hold the F1 key. Who has the time in a fire fight to hold that darn key down and peruse the screen while you're being shot at??  In Quake 2, it was different in that I could reach up and hit the F1 key and release it, yet keeping the menu up until I hit the F1 key again. Well, here's a variable string to accomplish this.

// Toggles the scores screen on and then off
set scores       "+scores;wait;bind F1 vstr noscores"
set noscores   "-scores;wait;bind F1 vstr scores"
bind F1 "vstr scores"

March 27, 2000
I have posted
a message on Nachos which discusses a server operator coalition to promote good gaming on public servers. Its an effort to organize Alliance Server Operators and share information on disruptive players and cheaters.  IP Banning detail would be shared among the operators, but player names would be posted publicly like this.  Keep in mind, these are auto-aiming zbots from Q2 mods, not the robots running around in Q3A.

Updated a few pages this weekend, including the
Scripts PageServer Setup Page and CTF Strategy. I have a little more proof-reading to do (please send me an email if you find errors anywhere), but I think we'll be ready for public promotion later this week. I want to make darn sure all the info here is accurate and personally tested first, so the testing goes on.

March 23, 2000
(I'm still tweaking and adjusting this site before publicizing.)

The crew at have cranked up their first Anarchy Alliance CTF server.

I've added some more detailed
server setup information for advanced users. You'll also find, by request, my comments and recommendations of CTF Strategy for new players.    There's also now a link to the Quetiquette site which I highly recommend.

March 22, 2000
Der Kommissar of the
Alliance CTF Dev Team sent me some info for you APPLE Macintosh doods.  You'll find it on the Server Help Page.  Maybe Steven Jobs will throw up a server in the Apple Computer HQ building and frag with the rest of us eh??!?!?!?

March 21, 2000

du-du-dudio!!  He just pointed out another GUI config tool.  This one is cool, it's
Borderfields Total Configuration Tool.  Allows you to make cool names, and edit your config settings & files with ease.

I've been doing a little testing, and have so much more to do. But I found a couple of things of interest. You can bind a key to +zoom, heheh.  I've seen this documented elsewhere, but only after I thought I'd discovered something new. The zoom factor is determined in your config file by setting the cg_zoomfov variable.  NO SCRIPT is necessary. So set your CG_ZOOMFOV 30, and hitting the +zoom bind will give you a sniper zoom toggle. 

Tired of all the chatter in the console from opposing team players?  Toggle this feature on/off with a toggle command as found in the Scripts Page.  Your team mate text is still displayed, but you don't have to see "SCARAB:: HAHAHAHA" anymore, hehe. You might miss someone saying "good shot" though.

For Clans and serious team players on the pubs, you might want to check out the Radio Sounds section, I updated in more detail some radio and text tweaking for team communication, might be something you can use.