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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

24hr Speed Skinning Challenge
2:24:45 PM - Flasher

Bobo the Seal and a few of the Ritual lads are holding a 24hr Quake 3 speed skinning challenge this Saturday. Here's some quick details!

This coming Saturday I will post the SDK at 8 AM central time. Everyone has until 8 AM the following day to submit your skins by either posting them in this thread or sending them to me at [email protected]

Skins will only be excepted if they are at the proper size and the theme fits within the Q3 universe. We are going with a 128x256 for the head and a 256x256 for the body.

Let the games begin!

Monday, January 27, 2003

Bobo the Seal Gets Interviewed!
7:22:28 PM - Flasher

Our favourite Seal, Brian Jones, who works for Ritaul currently on Star Trek Elite Force 2 has been raked over the grills and spilled the beans!

Characters and their appearance are an extremely important aspect of computer games. How much time do you spend working on the different models in the game? Do you go back a lot to improve and add to your creations?

In most cases I'm given a day or two to model a complete character, half a day to unwrap it, and about 3-4 days to texture it (this is spread over the course of the project). We make use of swappable heads within our engine so most characters consist of a new head on a base body. I usually spend a day modeling, unwrapping, and skinning a head model. We work in a phase system so we often revisit characters throughout the development process.

So like, uhh...what's everyone up to?




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