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Greetings, and welcome to Skorpion's Omibot Page! What you will find here in content, revolves around the Omicron Bot in the form of route files, custom deathmatch levels, demos, and various other modifications and configuration files to try and provide the very best optimized gameplay possible with the Omicron Bot.

This site is unique in the fact that it is the only site of it's kind, that is totally devoted to the Omicron Bot. It is also the one and only site that boasts the largest collection of Omicron Bot route files available on the net today.

The site also promotes the 1-on-1 and FFA forms of Omicron Bot gameplay, in small quality custom maps,  designed by dedicated Q1 authors for that style of Quake deathmatching.

I hope you will find the site interesting, helpful and informative. You may not find what you want, but you'll probably find what you need, so please enjoy your stay.


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