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e1m1 rmx hard may of 2004
Quake SP map !
Iv made The HARD version of the 'Slipgate Duplex' (Vondur and Czg Single Player level). It has alot more monsters to kill, more guns to shoot and completely different route.

d/l : fileplanet , Zombie

Q1SP map. end of 2003
Released: Quake 1 single player map Mescalito.

Dressed in speedbaze texture. Quite alot of monsters, some traps and bunch of secrets for your quaking. Try lower skill settings at first, as the map might seem too hard at first attempt. To be continued....

more pics : 2 3


Textures updates. Winter 2003
Updated some texture sets
For each set preview and more, go to the textures page.

SpeedTech v2 (Q3):
Fixed shaders and light textures. Colored light works fine now. Couple of new textures.
d/l: entire SpeedTech set v2,
update (d/l only if you already have this set v1).

CR8 set (Q1):
21 new textures.
d/l: cr8 extra (doesn't include older textures)

Speedbaze final (Q1):
over 50 new textures.
d/l: Speedbaze final. Includes ALL textures, old and new. 152 total.

spd. fall 2003

Accidentaly I uploaded the older version of the map .. now have the final. ( Just some tweaks, a bit more details and better lighting). doh

Small quake sp map in tech theme.
One note: please dont play this map in QW-based engines (zquake, fuhquake). And old glquake looks goofy, cause it has broken waterwarp (all underwater faces look disjointed).
more shots 1, 2,
Download spd: fileplanet, more fileplanet

speedsp1 and all. summer 2003
Check Leaks2 (very positive) reviews and comments at @LvL

Preview pictures of 2-map Q1SP adventure I`m developing 1, 2, 2big promo

In other news, I fixed "Cleaver Love" map, now it works fine in QW. Can grab it from maps page. It's seriously mean DM level with high resolution textures.

Also be sure to check recent speedmapping pak SM42 - 7 small cool sp maps.

q1 week. summer 2003
PROX finaly released - be sure to get it. It's top quality quake mod with new maps (one of them made by me).
QEXPO 2003 is running. And there are many maps and mods released, just like back in the days.
I`m about to finish a new quake SP map, here is a preview

cr8-set texture wad. summer 2003

Quake texture wad.
preview of some
download | fp | rpg

wantcandy | tex | game

Q3 map: Leaks2 02 04 2003
Compact q3 map for fragfest ffa and tourneys, uses new textureset, made especially for this map, and 'elbrus' skybox above. Have fun.

screen shots: one, another

Download Leaks2, check my other maps

Skew and bend tutorial 24 03 2003
I`v completed another mapping tutorial that shows way to skew complex brushes. It has many pictures and should be easy to understand. Ever wondered how to make neat pipe bends or angled non-axial walls ? The answer is here :skewing/bending tutorial. Also check out my older dome tutorial, if you havent seen it before.

If you like good looking pictures here is one for you - cool backdrop I`v made from many beautiful custom maps screenshots:
thumbnail, 128ox96o, 80ox60o

mo textures in the works 18 03 2003
New texture set: preview

SpeedTech textures Released 03 03 2003

Over 100 sci-fi/industrial mapper-friendly textures, designed with q3 in mind. JPG format, shader script included.
Download Speedtech q3 textures

some textures preview ,

SpeedTech in test maps: 1, 2, 3

Orkan 7 02 2003
Important news. Really.
First of all, I'v turned older. It is nice to have a birthday party.. one step closer to a grave and all that.
And while still in bday mood I'm releasing new Quake DM map.

bigger screen shots 1 2 3 4

download Orkan: fileplanet, Russian server (slow)

tsup? new map 30 01 2003
Damn it ! 2003 already ..
Currently I`m doing another q1 dm and its already final beta. Release planned next month (and I mean it this time !)

tech 25 11 2002
Working on a new texture set - SpeedTech, check few samples.

Maybe I'll release some arenas as standalone maps. 3 2

screenies 28 09 2002
Some screens of a map I`m making for prox mod. The mod should be released next month, I think .(update: no way its gonna be released soon ;(()
0 2 3
And some experimental space here || =

She has leaks 03 09 2002
Celebrating the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.
All testing and tweaking finally done and I am proud to present you dm level 'She has leaks'

Mapping tutorial. 12 08 2002
For all the mappers out there, I`v made a simple step-by step tutorial, that describes the process of creating a curvy dome from brushes. It shows an easy technique that can be used to create interesting brush-based 3d curves (not only domes). Its a valid method for any quake engine game (Q2, HL, Q3 ect.)
dome tutorial

Speed Baze textures 8 08 2002
I`v made industrial texture wad that uses some original Quake textures as a base. It is very quake-ish and easy to map with. Make Quake maps with it . some texture samples
Preview pictures of a speedBaze textures used in a map: 0 1 2 4
download SpeedBaze wad (fp)

new skybox 3 08 2002
'Morose Site' skycr8 for a morose map. Proceed to skyboxes page for pictures/download

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