Speedy`s maps

Speedy`s maps
Speedy`s quake maps and more...
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Some maps I`v made. Download. Play. Send feedback.

Quake singleplayer level inspired by Doom2 map

game : quake
play : single player
more pictures : 1 2 4
Download spd: fileplanet, more fileplanet

Compact quake3 map, fast gameplay, original looks.
Remake of my q1 map 'she has leaks' dressed in the original textures I`v made especially for this map. Also uses my skybox.

game : q3a
play : duel/small ffa
more pictures : 2
review and comments @LvL
Download Leaks2: fileplanet, infosprite

PROXmap4 multiarena
The map created for mod PROX. (Its cool dm/team quake/qw mod similar to Rocket Arena 3, with multiarena maps and bots.) This map contians 4 1-on-1 arenas in different styles. Has colored light and a skybox.

more shots : 1, 2

Homepage for PROX

"It plays wonderfully, Im sure 1v1 fans will enjoy the trickery you can pull in this frag filled map. The layout will be a solid test of your abilities to outwit you opponent." - blackpope
game : quake
play : duel/ffa
more pictures : 2 3 4

download Orkan: fileplanet, narod(slow)

She Has Leaks

Impressive architecture, fast action and true Quake style packed into this map. I was making it to look cool and play good. And I`m very glad with the result.

game : quake dm
play : duel or 4 ffa (dm 1 and dm 3 rules), good botplay (omicrons recommended). To play this map with FrikBot or GlacierBot, get waypoint file (5kb) and put into maps folder

one more screen

download : SheHasLeaks from FileP (400kb)

HalfDead (q1tm_speedy)
Halfdead alien spacesomehting overrun by insane quakers.
game : quake
play : duel/bloodbath ffa
more pictures : sure

download : HalfDead from FileP
entire Q1TM Pak (it contains HalfDead and 2 others q1tm maps. 940kb)

Fast 2
Small fast-paced DM map, uses some textures form Raven`s Software "Soldier of Fortune". This map is a part of Codname:Corporal mod (for PC and Dreamcast Quake)
game : Quake mod "Codname:Corporal"
play : deathmatch 2-3 players

Codname:Corporal ,
PC version here.

Cleaver Love
Open medium-sized map. Made in cooperation with KidneyJump. (updated QW-friendly version)
game : Proper Quake
play : deathmatch 2-4 players
extras : external high quality textures that make map look nearly as good as q3maps (need enhanced engine, like TomazQuake (v1.48))
more sshots

download (1,1 mb): qexpo

Remake of the Fall by Born.2.be.wild
game : Proper Quake
play : deathmatch ffa
gimmicky map

download : fall2 (0,5 mb)

map was reviewed @ multiplayerquake (now defunct)
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