mapping tutorial

mapping tutorial
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How to Make a Dome mapping tutorial
Speedy brings you Quakewalk mapping tutorial.
Let's make a nice dome. But please note, this method is not limited to domes only.
Start with the 12-sided brush, built on 1-2-2-1 basis, as depicted (make it by hand, don't use the brush generated by editor). This is the perimeter of the dome you are building. Cut two segments (marked red/yellow in the picture) with the clipping tool.
Slice the segments as in the picture 2. You need to make cuts parallel to the outer sides of the segments and stay on grid.

Brushes marked red in the picture 2 are the only unique details you`ll need to make a dome (you just clone them later). If you've got the rules they are built on - you can make them without the base 12-sided brush.

Now skew and align brushes one by one, forming a curve.
In the Radiant family editors you need to select a face and alt+ctrl(or shift+ctrl, depending on editor) drag it up. If the brush gets distorted, undo and try again, clicking outside the brush. You can even try the opposite face, but drag it down. Keep an eye on the brush - it must not get distorted at all.

Start with the brushes belonging to the axial segment - it's easier to manipulate them in 2d views. Stay on the major grid so you can apply textures easier.

The result should look like this:

Repeat the process with the brushes of the other segment. Use the curve you'v already made as a guide. Use 3d view to help you select the right faces, but drag them in 2d view.

That's about it. Now clone the brushes of the angled segment, mirror on Y axis and rotate.

Select all, clone and rotate to form a circular dome.

Aligning textures on the top parts of this dome is not very easy. Remember, on segments of such 12-sided circle it goes 0,27,63,90,117,153,180 (and same, but negative values the other way from zero to 180). Some deviants use 26,64 and so on. Any way is still not perfect down to the pixel.

The dome built this way is nice and tidy, with no ugly bsp splits. It's smooth inside and outside and can be used in a map both ways. Dome screenshot (dressed in SpeedBaze textures).

You can use this technique to create various 3d curves, not only domes. Skewing is very powerfull.

Download example map.

More tutorials will follow.

Thanks to biff for grammar tips ;).