Skewing/bending tutorial

mapping tutorial
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Skewing and Bending mapping tutorial
Another mapping tutorial that shows you some brush manipulation tricks.
Complex shapes bending and skewing on the pipe example.
Curving complex geometric profiles or bending non-rectangular brushes can be hard (Actually the word bending is not exactly correct here, you cant bend a brush, you cut the brush into segments and align them at the desired angle.) Rotating at angle that is not multiple of 90 gives bad result setting a brush off grid or even distorting it.
I have developed method of curving complex shapes with relative ease. It works in radian family editors and should work in WC. You only need to know how to use the basic functions of your editor: rotate, flip, skew (it can be called 'shear' in radiant - ctrl+left mouse btn drag near the selected brush face ) and clipping tool. In case your editor lacks any of the above functions here is a good tip: get another map editor (disclaimer: this tip is only true for quake-engine games map editors)
Ok. Now, as they usually say, open your map editor.. Or you may try to perform it all in your head just for practice, but make sure you have enough free memory.
The first thing we are going to do is bending a pipe, using 45 degree angle.

Make the 8 sided pipe (pic 1) by hand, using clipping tool, dont trust the editor built-in tool 'create n-sided brush'. (GTK-R tip: to use clipping tool fast, put your hand over ctrl/enter; crtl+right mouse btn to place clip points, enter to cut, shift+enter to split, ctrl+enter to change clipping plane orientation). Please stay on major grid (at least 4 units). You will see why. The pipe is used as a simple example of a brush with angled faces (so you cant edge manipulate it). Dont be limited to the pipes in your work, mapping is about being creative, not about pipes and crates.
Now select your pipe brush, extend it and split with clipping tool with 1:2 ratio (just imagine a rectangular box with one side being two times wider than the other side and place clipping tool points at the diagonally opposite corners of the box).
create 8-sided brush               split it with clip tool at 1:2 ratio
Cut the other end of the new pipe segment at the same angle. It is important to have brush sides parallel to each other, or the skewing operation will distort the brush. Then skew brush to form 45 degree angle (in Q3/GTK Radiant ctrl+left mouse btn drag near the face of selected brush; but better don't perform it on a group of brushes.)(pic 4)
cut at the same angle     skew at 45 deg
Clip the angled brush with 2:1 ratio to make a trapezium shape (like on pic 5). Select the initial pipe segment, duplicate it rotate 90 deg, flip and align to the other side of bent segment (pic 6)

nice angled pipe we have
Part Two. Same pipe, but different angle. We are going to bend it around the quarter of 12-sided circle-like brush. I used a stencil brush to help me bending and clipping, it is more obvious this way.
Split the pipe brush at 1:4 ratio (thats why the brush have to be made at grid 4 or greater). Cut the other end at the same angle.

Skew the brush at 1:2 ratio (stencil comes handy here). Extend it and cut at 45 degree angle.


Select the 2 pipe brushes, clone, flip and rotate it. Thats it.
You can use other shapes, not only pipes, just create them at grid 4 or higher.
Make maps and have fun.