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:Cant Sleep version One:

Posted by: SPiTT [june_03_2k5][1:16am]

Yeah, I cant Sleep, 3rd shift, that explains the time post.
I found this and thought it was funny.
No I wont be adding it to my list.


Posted by: SPiTT [june_01_2k5][4:06am]

Hey Everyone!
Its been a while since I have had anything worth posting or to draw anyone to the site.
And I alway try to get it to work, but things just fall apart.
But thats about to change...
Why you ask?
Because I've got the power of two!
Meet BeanHead!... ok, that was awkward... i'll get his stuff posted soon.
He will be assisting me in map making and map ideas.
together we plan on releasing maps that will run best using QUAKE 2 EVOLVED.
note, if you use vanilla quake2 all textures are greyscale and look like ass, why? because I dont know how to use quake 2 color pallet, i only use the low quality textures as test/map making.
And As always thanks:
ID Software for making the Greatest game(s) ever!
Planetquake/Gamespy for the great hosting!
Team Blur For For Shedding a new light on Quake 2!





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