April 2000

26th April -- Mmmm, server-side scripting
When I first tried html it was to construct this site. It took me a while.. but now its finally living up to what I originally planned, displaying (hopefully) perfectly in all major browsers, and all generated server-side so I don't have to maintain a ton of identical .shtm pages. I suppose I should take advantage of this, and update it a bit more =).
Theres now a link up to my explanation of the technology behind the way Quake 3 interprets a map, via the Q3map compile tool. I wrote it because I'm tired of answering the same old questions about how the compiler works, and I want some interesting new ones instead =). I'm looking for feedback on this article from experts and newbies alike, so I can make it more complete and easy to understand.


February 2000

4th February -- I'm alive!
Its been a while - I've been busy! check out the maps page to see the cool Quake3 map I've been working on exclusively for S3/Diamond.
While I've been immersed in Quake 3, 3dGamersEdge has written a review of SPoGSP1 and awarded it their highest ever rating! A quote: "this level isn't just good, it's the best i have ever played" Which is nice.


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