Debaser: an IDbase texture replacement set

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Debaser: an idbase texture replacement set for Quake

After a few months work and many hours swearing at Photoshop, I've finished this damn texture set. The plan was to bring the idbase textures up to date, by upping the resolution and the colour depth, bringing detail to where there was blur. I've never been fully happy with the textures in the Quake Retexturing Project, as often they do not remain very faithful to the original mood and look of Quake, so the mission here was to be as anal as possible, and to replace all the textures that came with Quake and more. Other maps that work well include e1m1RMX, Aerowalk, Slipstream and Aggressor.

There are 300 textures in the pack, in the form of 24-bit TGAs. If you need help installing them, check the readme. For most engines, you put them in quake\id1\textures\ but it's best to check.

See some screenshots
Download the pack (30mb)

I'd love to read some feedback, so please feel free to send me an email, or add a comment to this thread.