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Its been over a year since ive updated the site, but its not from lack of mapping or productivity. Since my last update, I have been working on a couple DM maps for Quake 4, as well as doing some mod work on the side. Ive been working on a vampire based game running on a very advanced version of the q2 engine called Nosferatu. You can read more about this mod on the Nosferatu website.

Also, Rocket Arena 4 is out in a beta stage for q4. I designed one of the two maps available in the beta. You can find out more about this mod and my contributions to it on the RA4 Wiki page.

On to my Q4 DM maps. The first is called 'Rusted' and was designed for the VIA/D3W mapping contest. You can read the review of my map here. Here are some screenshots of it:

My second map, Hell Hole, was entered into the Mapping Contest. Here are some screenies of Hell Hole:

Unfortunately, neither map placed in the money, but both got some very positive community reviews. Check out my maps page for more info and dl links for both levels.

Wow, I havent updated this site in almost a year! Anyhow, I have just released a new DM map for quake 3, its a small tournament style map intended for competetive play. This is actually a 2 year old map that was gathering dust on my HD, but I dug it up a couple weeks ago and decided to give it a face lift, tweak the gameplay a bit, and release it to the public. So here it is! Click here for more more info and a download link.
Stalingrad has been released! Thats right, my Enemy Territory multiplayer map based roughly on the Russian city of Stalingrad has been finalized and released. All the bugs have been fixed and the map is ready for download. I dont have a section for ET maps yet, so im just going to leave the map info in my current projects section for the time being. Click here for more information about the map, more screenshots, and a download link.
Today i released a beta version of Stalingrad, my map for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. This is an early beta and there are a few minor bugs that I overlooked, but I figured I would release it anyway, cuz frankly im sick of looking at it :) Anyway, there is more info and a bunch of screenshots on my current projects page. You can direcly email or ICQ me feedback by clicking the 'contact' button on the upper left of this site, or you can reply to my post in the Burial Grounds LE forum.
Happy new year!! To celebrate the new year, ive uploaded some brand spanking new screenshots of my current Enemy Territory work-in-progress, ET_Stalingrad. Check out my current projects section for the newest screenies!

In other StormShadow related news, Cajun Hell FINALLY (after 5 months or so) got a review over at ..::LvL. Its a pretty well written and informative review - which is more than i can say for some of the reviews ive been seeing lately over there, and the reviewer seemed to like the map. Check out the review here and feel free to add comments, i enjoy getting community feedback.

Once again, happy new year!

Screenshots of my new ET map, ET_Stalingrad (temporary name) have been updated with 8 brand spankin' new images. The map still has a long way to go, but its finally starting to look like i want it to. This is a solo project, the map that i was doing with cremator has been scrapped due to lack from him. Hop on over to my current projects section and check out the newest screenies.
After what seems like an eternity (a year and a half...) I have finally updated my current projects section with info on my latest project for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The project is a large multiplayer map that im working on collaboratively with Cremator (who i did Stormatorium with). So, check out my current projects section for more information and some early screenshots.
Ataxia has released ra3 1.7 earlier this afternoon, and with it, my map: ra3map17. This will be my second official ra3 map. Unlike the last one (ra3map15) which was a converted dm map, this one has been specifically designed for ra3 from the ground up. Check out more info on ra3 and a list of download mirrors at ra3planet. Here are a few screens of my map, you can see screens of all 3 new maps (plus the previous 16 at the official ra3 homepage
The official Burial Grounds map pack II: Viralis has been released to much fanfare! This project involved a lot of people working long hard hours for roughly 8 months (on and off of course) to complete. You can read more about the project and see screenshots from all five maps at the crypt Here are a couple screenies of my map, Into The Abyss.
Storm3tourney5: Cajun Hell has officially been released! Woohoo! Regretably it was not completed in time for the Tiki Domain Mapping challenge, but im releasing it as an individual map. The map is ideally for CPM 1v1 or 2v2 but it plays quite well in OSP and vq3 also. Anyway, download it and tell me what you think. Ill put up a couple mirrors later, for those of you who dont like fileplanet.
Ra3 has been officially updated, and one of my maps was included as an official ra3 map. The Clan arena is a converted version of stormatordm1 (by myself and cremator) that was optimised for ra3, and 4 all new rocket arenas, 3 by myself, and 1 by Moze (cremator) and BURNZ. The CA is a bit smallish in contrast to most ra3 maps, but it has a good flow to it, and makes a good map for matches. DL the new ra3 and check it out! Also check the ra3 screenshots page for screenies of my map - not the most flattering screenshots, i admit, but you get the idea :)

Also, the Burial Grounds map pack team has released a 2nd set of promo shots of the Burial Grounds Map Pack II: Viralis. Im not allowed to give out too much info, but i will say that most of these maps are simply amazing - particularly in contrast to the very average maps we have been seeing coming out lately. Also, Burial Grounds published an interview with all four mappers who are taking part in this project. The interview can be seen here

Finally, I have released Storm3tourney5 for public beta testing. This map was originally being made for the Tiki Domain mapping challenge, but i missed the deadline thanks to a fried mobo. Anyway, ive decided to release this puppy for public beta testing. The lack of textures is due to the Tiki Domains restriction on the amount of custom textures allowed. I was limited to a total of 10 custom textures, hence the texture repetition. download the beta and check it out! Here are a few screenies:

Burial Grounds map pack 2 is now underway, and ive been asked to design a map for it! This is pretty exciting for me, especially after the success of the previous map pack. My map is in the works and im very pleased with the way its turning out so far. Other than that, i am not allowed to give out too much information on it, but feel free to check out the Burial Grounds website for a more detailed explanation, and a list of team members (which include some very talented individuals!).

In other BGMP news, my map for the original Burial Grounds map pack - Digital Fusion aka BGMP4 - has been re-released on an individual level. Recently i was contacted about making a more competetive version of the map - with item locations and such for team oriented games. With permission, I altered the map slightly and have re-released (on a small scale) this map under the name BGMP4tmp. You can DL the map HERE. To get the original version, check the Burial Grounds website.

A few minor updates. First of all, Stormatordm1: Stormatorium has been included in the official map pack #2 for Generations arena. Ive known this for a while but neglected to include it in my previous update. Also, ra3 Map Project 2 is well underway, and a set of beta's can be expected VERY soon! We are very excited about this project, so stop by the website for more info. Also we are currently looking for individuals and/or clans to help us out with beta testing. If your interested, just check out the forum and let us know!
Storm3tourney4 is released! How about that. One of my best tournament maps to date, its a medium sized map, intended for tourney play, but it works pretty well for FFA also. More of a strategic map than a fast paced map, this one flows very smoothly with the lower level on a figure 8 pattern twisting between 3 main rooms. Download it, and check it out for yourself :) Here are a few screenies of it:
Wow, been a while since an update, but i assure you, ive been working very hard! As some of you might already know Ra3 Map Project 2 is currently under way. After the moderate success of Map Project 1, and the the fact that ra3 will NEVER get another official update, we have decided to go ahead and create a 2nd project, based on the first. We have learned from the errors of the previous project, and gotten alot of good feedback and suggestions from the community, and hopefully this one will be more successful than the original. Also, the clan arenas for our maps will be released seperately as FFA/TDM maps. My map, ra3mp15 is well underway, and is almost ready for beta. You can see some of the screenshots below. Stormatordm1 will probably also be included as a clan arena. Check out the official webpage for more info: ra3 Map Project Home Here are some *early* pre-beta shots of ra3mp15. Im trying to go with a bit of a q2 style here.. appearantly thats what alot of the hardcore players want to see.
Happy 4th of July! Happy birthday america, u old bastard! Great news! The map that myself and Evil_Cremator have been working on for the Quake3world collaborative mapping competition is complete! It has been submitted and hopefully we will get the results soon, i hope to finish pretty high. The map we did is a pretty good sized FFA/TDM map made with MrClean's latest gothic themed texture set. The map looks great, and plays well (even against bots, wow) so download it and check it out now!
Lvl finally reviewed storm3tourney2: nuclear wasteland, and i must say its a pretty good review check out the review Here its actually quite a well written detailed review, so go check it out if you havent already. On another note, i apologize for not updating the site more often, the primary project that im currently working on is going to be entered into a mapping contest for q3w so im reluctant to post beta's, pics or info on its progress. However, it is coming along well and the final can be expected out relatively soon.
Great news! First of all, my site has been redesigned again, but this time it actually has a clean, proffessional thanks to Chengaria. Big thanks to Chen for all the hard work! Also, Burial-Grounds has released the Burial Grounds map pak! I designed a map for this pak, bgmp4 is mine, and i had the honor of working with alot of talented individuals on this pak. So get over to Burial-Grounds DL the pack and get yer ass on a server!
Thank to my new host planetquake and the gamespy network for hosting my site! Thanks to Chengaria for the cool logo thingies u see in the corners. All my dl's should work now, so if you don't have my maps, get 'em now! Also, the burial grounds map pak I've been working on is very close to release! I'm not allowed to say exactly when, but keep an eye on their site for its inevitable release and a few screenies of the maps.
Redesigned the site again - mostly out of boredom. It should be a bit easier to navigate now with all the site navigation at the top. Also I forgot to credit sock with making the skybox for my most recent release, storm3tourney2. So, thanks to sock sorry for leaving you out of the readme.txt.
Storm3tourney2 released!!! Finally! I know it took forever, but I've been very busy with other projects, including map packs and mod work. Better late than never I suppose. Anyhow its a tourney/small dm map made for playability first and aesthetics second. Don't get me wrong - it looks great but game play was my main concern and I think I pulled it off quite well. More info on my MAPS page, and u can check download the map HERE.
On another note, Evil_Cremator and myself are collaboratively working on a couple projects together - 1 is a tdm/ffa combo for collaborative mapping competition. The other is a ra3 map.
Finally my site is back up after almost a month of being down! What happened to my old host you ask? I have no idea.. I cant get a reply from the guy. Anyway, got a few things to report.

Ra3mapproject was released about 2 weeks late and was pretty successful for the first week or two, we even got some of the bigger servers to host it. We have gotten a lot of mixed reviews.. some people like it, some people don't. But unlike 95% of ra3 custom maps, at least ours got played! If you haven't checked out the pack, you definitely should, there are some damn good maps in there!

Also, reviewed GLooM. I got pretty good review and some nice comments from the community. I'm up to over 1500 dl's too! My first relatively successful map! Check out the review HERE Also, I'm doing a map for a mod called q3fallen. Its a neat looking mod played from the 3rd person perspective. The characters have different classes, some can fly, some have a 'boost' which is sorta like a temporary haste. Its in very early development, there isn't even a site yet, but I think its a neat concept, and I have always been interested in mod work

Also, storm3tourney2 is coming out soon. VERY soon... I know I've been saying this for weeks but I mean it this time! Its done, all I need to do is compile it, and stick in in a .pk3.

The Ra3 Mapping Team I'm working with is releasing the much anticipated ra3mp map pack tomorrow, January 31! My map is ra3mp8 (not ra3mp9 as I incorrectly posted here in my previous news update) and it includes a ca, and 3 ra's. The ca is a modified version of storm3dm3, and one of the ra's is storm3tourney2. I put some screenshots of the map on my RA3 page.

On another note, as of right now storm3dm3 is on hold. There are a lot of 'issues' which I wont go into that have made me think twice about releasing this map as a dm/tdm map. Its going in my incomplete pile for now, but I may end up modifying it and releasing it at a later date. Storm3tourney2 should be out within a week or two, I need to change my teleporter location, and bump a wall back a few notches so I can add a grenade launcher (which will take all of about 5 minutes) and its ready for release! so get ready, beatches!

Hello and welcome to my newly redesigned site. I was told not-so-subtly by a few people that my old site was.. to put it in layman's terms... ugly. I didn't think it was so bad, but hey, what do I know? Plus I'm trying to p1mp all my work, and a crappy looking website may lead ppl to believe that my maps are equally crappy. Anyhow, hope you like the new theme! I know I do! I deleted some of the older news posts.. I mean c'mon, no one reads the old stuff anyway.

The RA3 mapping team I'm currently working with is almost ready to release a *large* map pack for the rocketarena3 mod. The map pack will include somewhere between 8 and 10 maps, depending on how fast we can finish the last few. I've made several arenas for this project already - and in fact my new TDM map (which is still in BETA as far as tdm/ffa is concerned) will be included as a ca in ra3mp9. ra3mp9 is pretty much *my* personal map, even though a couple of my other arenas will be included in two other maps. If you playra3 at all, be SURE to check out this pack when it comes out. We already have a bunch of server admins signed up to host this pack. Hopefully we can breathe some life back into a stale mod.

Also, I released another beta of storm3dm3 which you can dl here. Here are a couple screenshots:

Storm3dm3 is almost ready for beta release! Its a tech/industrial map with an indoor base and a small outdoor area. I posted a few screenshots of an earlier alpha a few days ago, but since I've done a lot of work since then, I thought I would release some more current screenshots. Besides I'm bored!

Check out the screenshots, and read more on the projects page.

Happy New Year!!

Anyhow, the RA3 mapping team I'm working with is almost ready to release the map pack! So far we have 6 totally new ra3 maps. Anyhow, so far at least one of my arenas is begin included, (possibly 2). However, I am currently working on anther arena for a gothic themed arena for one of the maps. I will not release this arena for a public beta test, but I will put up a couple screenies.

If you play ra3, you should definitely check out the map pack when its released. Although the ra3 community isn't very custom map friendly, we are going to try and turn that around with some quality custom maps. Ill update the page and give a few good dl mirrors when the map pack is released.
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