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The End of SQP - 15th January

So you've probably already heard. I'm quitting the business. But before I explain why, I want to say that running this site has been one of the most rewarding responsibility I've ever had, and I'd like to thank everyone who emailed me about the site over the last three months.

Ok so why am I quitting? What could be more important?

  1. There's playing Quake. If I'm writing html, I can't play Quake. Not enough?

  2. People. Ok so people is what the internet is all about, but I'm losing touch with people that are geographically closer including my girlfriend who's just a little upset about my lack of attention. (Hope Mrs. Blue doesn't read this and get's some ideas, could jeapordise everyone's favourite news page)

  3. Most importantly - studying. Yea I know, dirty word but a few people will be extremely displeased if I don't get a decent grade, not least of all me. This year is my finals and so deserves some extra effort.

I've been telling myself that it's possible to keep up with the site and everything else but it just hasn't happened in the last term. No matter how I allocate my time it'll always turn into putting together webpages, replying to emails, and keeping up with news on the web and irc.I wish it could work, but I can't seem to cope with a schedule.

Don't you hate the way Quake taunts you when you try and leave. I know I'm finding it difficult. After my finals in June who knows what'll happen. I'll be endowed with large chunks of free time and I may just find an interesting project to work on. If you see me mentioned in about 5 months make sure you visit to see what I'm up to. Until then keep smiling because after all, killing is fun. Especially with Quad damage.