news for 04/17/2002

I'm very excited to say that I just posted the new demo release of this alien earth. the demo only has 9 new levels (16 will be in the full game)and lots of new enemies, you can get more info and download it on the download page

news for 12/16/01

hay! it's been awhile but im back so look for a big update soon.
NO everything did not go as planned and I did not make it. look for a new demo soon.

news for Sunday October 11 2001

iv posted a newer version of the demo you can get it on the download page, please take into consideration that these levels are basically bata speed is an issue on most of these levels and quite a few of the promise features are still missing
the AI is basically crap but as soon as I get the time I will fix this. the scheduled release date for the entire game is December 15 if everything goes as planned I should make it

news for Friday September 14th 2001

this is the launch of my site here at planetquake
this will be the home of the quake T.C. this alien earth.
the site is still basically under construction so please bear with me.

you can check out some screen shots on the screen shot page,
and there's more info about the game available on the story page.