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Christopher Scott, Tucson, AZ on 5/28/2005
Hello Evolved Ones, Just wanted to thank you for the Zaero Demo for Quake 2. I guess you'd call me a die hard Q2 fan, because I've been scouring the web for third party maps and mods ever since I purchased the game in 2001. The Zaero demo runs beautifully on my system: a Pentium II 233 MGHz, 320 MG RAM with an NVidia GeForce4 MX 420 Card.

Even though I don't represent your average 3D gamer out there nowadays, I can appreciate great Q2 maps. That's what I consider the Zaero Mission Pack to be - a great Q2 map. I've played many of the best Q2 maps including The Reckoning, COS 3, 1492, Progetto Genome, Premonition of Angron, Small Pile of Gibbs, Back at the Front, On Sacred Ground, Last Day on Stroggos, the list goes on ... Anyway, The Zaero Demo is in my "superb" folder. Thanks again.

by Michael E. Rosen, AKA Sir. Bedevere (NEE) on 5/2/2004
Well done. You've done a great job on the MOD. Not since the original PK on Q1 has my pulse been so active over any Quake Mod. I like the changes from the PKA-2x version, nice touch, especially those spiders on the wall and that Crock. Ouch, watch your step. Good stuff. You are to be commended and perhaps ID will get you guys on some Mods for Doom 3, whenever that will come out ? PKA- D3, hmmmm I like it.

TE: Thanks Sir Bedevere! We are also looking forward to Doom III and seeing what kinda of twisted worlds we can come up with utilizing the new technology. Stay tuned...

by Maikik on 4/24/2004
PKA is the best mod on the world! NO! In the GALAXY!

by Gideon on 4/08/2004
HOLY COW! You guys did it! I have to admit in the beginning I didn't think you could match the pure death match fun you captured in the original PKA but you've done it!!! And with style! Congrats on the release of Painkeep Arena 3.0 and THANK YOU for one K1CK A$$ game!

by Jimmy on 9/9/2003
I wanted to just have my moment to say RED ODYSSEY KICKS ASS !!!! I have a whole bunch of top titles games, upon games but your red odyssey game takes the cake! I think it could use some updating. But really it is way better than bz2 and every other game I own! I had to downgrade to windows 98 from windows XP just because of the game! It's too cool!

TE: Thank you Jimmy. We like giving the people what they want. FUN GAMES to play!

by Roy on 10/5/2002
Bravo!! I'm a 41 year old father of 3 (all females) and the best quality time spent together is in the House Of Pain! I need not be worried about my girls doing drugs and having sex, because their idle time is taken up with a super frag fest with their old man on our home LAN. I guess a great slogan for Evolve should be; "The family that frags together, stays together!" The girls and I can't wait for PKA 3.0 (however, 2.8 keeps us rock'n) Thanx again! You folks are doing a tremendous job!

TE: Excellent slogan Roy! We're glad you and the girls are taking the time out of your busy day to make each other feel the pain!

By: Killer on 4/3/2002
Thank god you guys are back! Is PKA done? If so what's the next project?

TE: Painkeep Arena 2.8 is out in a release version, and version 3.0 is currently being developed.

By: Magneto on 3/30/2002
The Red Odyssey is still the best and only BZ ADD-ON. Its playability is rated 9 out of 10 and it stands the test of time! Bravo! Plus, the music is riveting and outstanding.

By: Mallik Shabaz on 3/29/2002
I really love the original Pain Keep for Quake. I remember spending all my time at work playing with 5 of my colleagues on the GIZA map against about 20 bots!! Nothing has come close to that level of fun!

By: NoFX2 on 3/20/2002
Hey, its great to see that you guys are back on the web. Just started playing this mod and I think it's really cool, well done. :)

By: Michael "Buccaneer" Koch on 12/31/2001
I got pregnant by playing Painkeep!

By: Pusher on 12/20/2001

By: Tom on 9/3/2001
TRO is the greatest (I just finished it), and I really hope that you'll consider another BZ add-on!

By: Vertigo on 9/2/2001
The Airfist is probably the most useful, best designed weapon/mod ever for any of the Quake games. I wish it was a plugin that could be used with every mod, it should be standard. When I first saw the deathmatch demos around 4 years ago, I couldnt stop laughing, and I remember thinking why hasn't anybody ever thought of it before. wonderful stuff.

By: Jimbo on 8/11/2001
Best mod ever

By: Dave on 8/7/2001
Hi i love the mod, one of the best I have ever downloaded, keep working on it :)