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Painkeep Arena  
  • Wiley Publishing December 2003 - Wiley publishing chose Team Evolve's PainKeep Arena as a shining example of 3D work to display in their new Gmax Bible book. This is quite an honor to bestow on us and we thank them for the opportunity to further promote our work.
  • PC Zone Magazine The April 2003 Issue Reviews the 3.0 Beta giving it 84% - "Painkeep almost qualifies as a new game in it's own right!"
  • PlanetQuake "To put it simply, Painkeep Arena offers you more ways to die than any other mod out there. Die in the working electric chair, get fed to a pit monster, or be reduced to puree'! And that's just one map!"
  • PC Format Magazine "The March 2003 Issue Reviews the 3.0 Beta giving it 92% as well as their GOLD Award."

Red Odyssey  
  • PC Format (UK Gaming Mag) - "...unrelentingly fierce ...feels like a sequel. PC Format Rating: 88%"
  • Activision (paraphrased) - "We liked it so much, we put it in our Gold Pack!"

Zaero   Find out what all the critics are raving about! These following reviews cover all aspects of our Zaero Quake2 Add-on Pack from an unbias point of view. They all agree - Zaero is recommended in any language! We havn't yet been able to find a bad review!

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  • Callaham - "All in all, Zaero is on a par with the best of the id mission packs. You will be missing out if you didn't pick this up."
  • Gamer In Black - "Team Evolve pulled it off again with Zaero, great job and very worth buying."
  • Computer Action Games - "The final showdown is enough to make the game a must buy."
  • PlanetQuake - "So what's the final opinion? Buy it!"
  • Magixx - "gelungene Fortsetzung von Quake2, die sich gegenüber dem Original grafisch und spielerisch positiv abhebt" **
  • Belgian Killers - "Et très franchement, ZAERO est le meilleur mission pack sur lequel il m'ait été donné de jouer" **

** we have no idea what this says

PAIN KEEP   Steve "Blue" Heaslip - Blue's News
"PainKeep is a very well done commercial-quality (but free) deathmatch modification. Highly recommended."

"From the IntallShield setup program to the extensive demos to show the new weapons in action, no effort has been spared in this free partial conversion, which looks like a real winner."

"If you haven't checked out PainKeep, you should, it's a really well done professional quality product."

Sean "Redwood" Martin - Redwood's 3D News
"...EXTREMELY COOL deathmatch partial conversion..."

AirFist   Steve "Blue" Heaslip - Blue's News
"I urge you to check this out... it's pretty wild... Awesome stuff."

Sean "Redwood" Martin - Redwood's 3D News
"...I think it is a REALLY cool weapon... I recommend everybody get it."