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PainKeep Arena 3.0n Source Release - Posted: 9/27/07 by Team Evolve
The Source of PainKeep Arena has been Set Free! Team Evolve welcomes you to the source files of PainKeep Arena! We release this information in the hopes that it will contribute to the gaming community with a jumpstart into the next generation of online games.

Now you can see where all those nasty bear traps get their teeth, where our sentrys learn to target the enemy and finally you can pry into the code and see why the gravity well sucks so much!

We are making the source available to the PKA community via the website before going to the game sites with the news to give all of you a chance to grab it before the demand increases. It's 6.7 meg and you can download it from here.

The Longest Yard of Pain - Posted: 12/26/05 by Team Evolve

The Classic Longest Yard Map Painkeep'd..

The PKA community has put this map into rotation on Covenants' Painkeep server. If you think you know this map, you need to try it with Painkeep's Defensive and Offensive weaponry. It's a whole new experience, and offers new challenges vanilla Quake 3 can't.

As PKA player Lightning says, "This map is like Quake3 on steroids!! You can download the Painkeep Arena version of The Longest Yard here.

Christmas Day Frag Fest - Painkeep Style! - Posted: 12/23/05 by Team Evolve
What better way to celebrate Christmas than to run around the Painkeep give each other the gift of love? That is if Love means snapping a bear trap onto your opponents ass! Come celebrate by eating a can of Painkeep Pork and Beans and fart Christmas Carols with us in the bloody halls of pain.

We'll be using two skins for the Christmas Day Bash. Take your pick of Santa or the Grinch. You can download the skins from PlanetQuake.

Santa Download Link

Grinch Download Link

Of course you'll need the Painkeep Arena 3.0 mod, you can download it from any one of these dandy locations. If you need maps, visit Weenieville and grab them there. If you need anything else, or have questions, visit our forums here and ask. We're more than happy to get you up and running so you can experience the pain of Painkeep Arena 3.0. You can find additional Painkeep Maps and Items here.

To join the Christmas Day Server from inside of Q3

/connect (from the Q3 or Quakeworld console).

Red Odyssey Walkthrus Recovered - Posted: 11/19/05 by Team Evolve
We got an email from Larry Hastings looking for a walkthrough for Red Odysseys Black Dog Mission 8. In his request, he mentioned an web archive site called The Wayback Machine. We were able to utilize this site to find all the previous Red Odyssey walkthrus we lost in a system crash. They have all be posted in the Red Odyssey area.

Quake III Source Released!!! - Posted: 8/20/05 by Team Evolve
As mentioned in December of 2004, the gang at id Software have finally released the source to Quake III. The source code for Quake III Arena (direct link) is now available on the id FTP server. The 5.5 MB download is mirrored on 3D Gamers, FileFront, GameSpot DLX (registration required), and Worthplaying. Word is:

Quake III Arena source code released under GPL!

Harlequins Revenge? - Posted: 3/19/05 by Team Evolve
ThinG has been working on a new map called Harlequins Revenge. Here's a shot of it running in the vanilla quake environment.

Experience More Pain in Harlequins Revenge

ThinG till has SFX, bots and some texture/ shader work to do. Oh and a suprise or two! It's coming soon.

Sgt Hulka - Too sexy for his chainsaw? - Posted: 2/26/05 by Team Evolve
As we were cleaning up the office today, we found an August 2000 issue of PC Gamer that featured an article with Sgt Hulka in which he describes a fictitious issue of Playgirl that he's gonna pose for. Yeah, whatever Sarge.. Keep dreaming. If you missed that issue, you can check out a scan of the article in our media section. Read it if you dare, and let's hope Sarge kept his pants on for this one!

In PKA 3.0 Map News, SH released nine additional 3.0 maps. 9 conversions in one zip. Grab it here.

Map package Includes:

NOTE: If you're hoping onto a Painkeep Arena server and you instantly get booted, check out Cov's map page and download the map you're missing. That's typically the issue with being booted, your missing the map they are currently playing.

ThinG's New Map! - Posted: 1/18/05 by Team Evolve
ThinG has been busy cranking out a new map to frag in. Here's a screenshot from the beta that we are testing internally.

Keep your eyes peeled for it's impending release. If you need additional PainKeep Arena Maps, scripts, demos, server locations, or assistance, visit our Forums and let us know what you need, or ask us a question. Go ahead, we don't bite. Hard.

This just in: If you're not playing PainKeep Arena, aka PKA, then you're not experiencing pain. Real Men* Play PKA!

* and women ;)

Two More Maps PKA Style! - Posted: 1/10/05 by Team Evolve
Sh*thead, another old school Painkeep Arena supporter has published two new maps you should download and play now! If you think you're king sh*t at Vanilla Quake, I dare you to enter the Arena of PAIN.


Download The Forlorn Hope
Download Jumping to Contusions

Tokay's Tower for PKA! - Posted: 12/30/04 by Team Evolve
Attention Q2 Junkies, one of our favorite Painkeep Arena supporter has published the famous Tokay's Towers from Quake II in glorious PainKeep Arena fashion! That's right, by downloading this small download, you can now hop onto our buddy Covenant's server and blast away with us in the Painkeep Arena version of this famous map. Beware the discharging Chain Lightning gun!

New Map Pack:
ThinG has been working on some new PKA items for the new year that are gonna knock your socks off. Stay tuned...

Gas Station Map for PKA reviewed at LVL - Posted: 8/1/04 by Team Evolve
Anton, one of our favorite mappers for Painkeep Arena, has created quite a few addon levels for Painkeep arena, and we have just received word that one of his latest map "TNK Gas Station" has been reviewed by the folks at LVL. Here's a blurb from the review:
A large chunk of earth, with a gas station and a few taxis floats in the sky. Thats the setting for this Pain Keep Arena level. The map is essentially an open, space map with a realism theme. The game play is consistent with the theme in standard Q3A. With the Pain Keep mod, its a lot more fun. The size and openness of the map makes the Railgun a weapon of choice.
Head on over to LVL to read the full review, download the map, then hop onto a PainKeep Arena server with us!

New Maps & Old Demos posted! - Posted: 7/29/04 by Team Evolve

The demos for our Official Battlezone mission pack The Red Odyssey, as well as the demo for Zaero, our commercial mission pack for Quake II have been posted. The Red Odyssey demo will only run on early versions of Windows like 95 and 98. We can't guarantee it'll run on 2000 or XP. It's an old demo made in 1998, but a lot of people have asked for it, so it's now available.

We hope you download them and enjoy the hell out of them. Also, due to multiple requests, we've posted the source for Zaero. You can find it on the products page in the Zaero section. We hope all aspiring programmers can find out how we did all that cool stuff in Zaero and use the knowledge to make some cool games of their own some day!

In PainKeep Arena news, our lead mapper ThinG has been hard at work coming up some new maps for your fragging pleasure. Expect custom textures, shaders, models, music and new sounds! It'll be a fairly large download but well worth it! We'll be posting screenshots of all the hot PKA action soon!

Painkeep Arena 3.0 Released! - Posted: 4/29/04 by Team Evolve
PKA 3.0 has GONE GOLD!
Painkeep Arena 3.0 for Quake III Released!

What is Painkeep Arena?
PainKeep Arena is a Quake III Arena modification with a fanatical fan base and scores of maps and lots of tortuous weapons and traps. Would you like to make a map filled to the brim with pain and despair? Now you can! We have also released the source materials for the Level Designers to create their own masterpiece Painkeep maps!. The source materials will enable Level Designers to develop PainKeep Arena maps using a custom entity file as well as map source from a production map. The Painkeep Arena Map Resources can be downloaded here.

April Fools Day! - Posted: 4/1/04 by Team Evolve
Yes, it's April Fools day and we'd love to do nothing else but annouce a release, but we're just not that mean! PainKeep Arena 3.0 still isn't 100%. It's roughly 99.73% complete now. We're in the process of putting the lid on it, and if all goes well, you'll see it sooner than you can imagine! In other news, our Forums have moved to a new system at Groundplan, stop in and grab a bite to eat. A couple more screenshots have been released to hold you over until the release.


PainKeep Arena 3.0 Notes - Posted: 3/21/04 by Team Evolve
A note by Team Evolve has been posted in the Groundplan forums regarding the impending 3.0 release of Painkeeep Arena. We're almost there!


PainKeep Arena 3.0 Update!!!! - Posted: 3/14/04 by ThinG
Put it like this. We have just ONE bug that must be sorted.

And then .... DRUM ROLL....

It's done.


Team Evolve in New Gmax Book! - Posted: 12/26/03 by Team Evolve
Wiley publishing has chosen Team Evolve's PainKeep Arena as a shining example of 3D work to display in their new Gmax Bible. This is quite an honor to bestow on the group and we thank them for the opportunity to further promote our work. The book features FULL COLOR screenshots from maps included in the upcomming PainKeep Arena 3.0. You can view the details or order a book by clicking here.

For those who don't know what Gmax is, it's a free version of 3DMax aimed at game content makers. Team Evolve has utilized it to create content for PainKeep Arena and with this Gmax Bible at your side, you can learn all you want about the editor and be just like us!

PC Zone Gives PKA 3.0 Beta an 84! - Posted: 4/15/03 by Team Evolve
PC Zone, another large UK PC Gaming magazine, have reviewed the 3.0 beta giving it an 84% - They included not only the 3.0 beta on their DVD edition, but the beta map pack #1 as well!! Thank you PC Zone. We appreciate and thank you for the coverage. Note: Uber was kind enough to scan the articles from both recent magazine reviews, and you can view them online at our forums.

PC Format Reviews PKA 3.0 Beta - Posted: 3/30/03 by Team Evolve
PC Format, one of the largest selling PC Gaming magazines in the UK, has reviewed the 3.0 beta giving it an incredible 92% - Not only did PKA 3.0 Beta score well, but it was awarded their Gold Award too!

Thank you PC Format & PC Zone!