The truly Twisted programmer/artist, Dave Wallin

What is Horror Show Quake?

Horrorshow Quake represents a new style of deathmatch play. The basic concept is that one player is the Killer and the rest are Victims. The killer has many advantages and the victims must use team work to stay alive and keep the killer from accomplishing his goal, which is to reach the fraglimit.

Horrorshow takes this idea and puts it in a frightening setting with cool new models, characters, and weapons.

Horrorshow is a Team Reaction production. As always, we are always willing to accept new mappers and artists. Check out our page at the Team Reaction Homepage for more info about us.

The HorrorShow Download page is here. Here you'll find the patch, the QuakeWorld server progs, and the entities list.

Breaking News:

11-24-97 Judging by the number of people who have asked me to put up a server, I'd have to say that the game is pretty popular (atleast in concept). I realize that Horrorshow is useless unless there are servers to play on. If you are a server operator PLEASE put horrorshow on your server (I'm begging ;). I can gaurantee that people will visit it. If you are not a server operator, but want to play, try sending out some email to people who run servers. It may take some searching and a lot of emails, but it's the only way you'll see the game put on a server. Termy, who runs planetquake's servers, might be a good person to start with.

11-13-97 Hey folks. We have another horrorshow level! This one was made by Krow and can be downloaded here. I think it's a cool level.

11-08-97 Finally someone has run a QuakeWorld server - Unfortunately there were a lot of bugs I never got to fix because I only got to test the game on the first level. Anyway, I think I have fixed them (atleast the most important ones).. Download the Quakeworld Progsfrom the files section again, it has been updated.

10-23-97 Help! I'm desperate to find server ops to run Horrorshow! If you're an op and are interested, please contact me. Many people have already emailed asking if there are any servers..

10-21-97 (Later) It had to happen sometime! ;) There's an update for Horrorshow on the download page. The QW progs.dat is also new, so get that if you downloaded a copy earlier today. Most of these fixes are for QW, so you really don't need it if you play normal NetQuake.

10-21-97 HorrroshowQW is out. Check the download page. You only need to get the file if you want to run a server. Check the page, and read the readme.

10-20-97 Big news- I've ported Horrorshow over to QW! It only took like 2 hours. I'll be releasing this as soon as I can finish testing it and make sure it works.

10-19-97 Hey dudes. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been busy doing various things.. I have the specs for the new entities in horrorshow if anyone is interested in doing maps. You can get those Here. Remember to hold right shift when clicking if you want to save the file.

10-8-97 Hiya all. If you have ICQ, my UIN is 3901070. I should be online 24/7, so if you wanna chat, pop on by ;). I updated the page by taking out the shots of horror2.bsp, since it wasn't in the final release, plus I added a shot of the alternate player skin (me) in animated form.

With Horrorshow done, I will be working more on Omen 2, and I am starting work on Gloom(tm) which will be a stand alone game (not a Quake TC). It will feature an Aliens-like setting, and it will have features like real-time shadows, colored lighting, textured lighting, and realistic phsyics. It will, of course, have 6 degrees of freedom and 3d characters, ect.

10-4-97 (later) I took down my server because no one was taking advantage of it. I might put it up again later if requested (email me).

10-4-97 RELEASE! I just home everything's working. ;) Click here to get to the download page.

10-3-97 - Hi All - Good news! I'm gearing up for the release of Horrorshow. Everything that I want to do is done I just need to test the game out one last time to see if my changes worked and VIS my levels, which I'll do tonight while I'm asleep. So expect some kind of release tomorrow or this weekend. Check back here to download a copy. I'm also gonna try to get it posted on some of the news pages. This is a big weekend for us- John's also releasing CodeRed today. Omen 2 should be out in a few weeks. We might try for a Halloween release. Also, check out this awesome animated gif I made for horrorshow ;) :

I'm also planning on making a sperate page for the screenshots and making them into thumbnails (the way I have it now kinda sucks, but this *is* my first web page). I'll also make some more animated stuff from the game for that page.

10-2-97 Hiya- Sorry for the lack of updates. Anywho, I've been doing a lot of work in the Quake Community. For one thing, I'm doing some models for the YPOD Doom TC, trying to help them make the Halloween release. So far, I made an Imp for them and Curmo and Divide both liked it, which made me kinda happy. ;) They also asked me to do the Trooper and Seargent models, plus skin the Hell Baron. Anyway, it looks like it should turn out to be a pretty cool project. Back to Horrorshow news - Horrorshow is nearing completion! I got bots working somewhat.. They're not very intelligent but I don't have time to spend years on them.. I mean, bots like the Reaper or Zeus must have taken months to do. All the coding is basically just if-then stuff to try to fit as many scenarios as possible. There's no real *thinking* on the part of the bot. Bots can get really complex and this sort of thing just bores me, so that's why the bots are staying in the state they are. There are a lot of bugs with the bot's ai - I apologize for this, but the bots were only meant to give you a taste of what the game is like in multiplayer, not a replacement. Anyway, I will be running one more test this friday, and after that I will probably release. I had wanted to add some more skins, but I may just release with out them. I guess I can always add more later or accept submissions.

9-27-97 Hi all. I tested horrorshow a bit more and I fixed some bugs. The game is really stable now and I'm liking how everything works out. Nate Kozloski is doing some sounds for Horrorshow and he sent me some really nice ambient sounds. He also redid the chainsaw sounds. In other news, I added two new death sequences for the victim just for variety. BTW, I have a seperate skin for when someone dies, so they appear to get bloody when they're dead. Also, I added a skin in of myself using a picture of me off my high school id. I'm the one wearing the NIN shirt. ;) I'll put up some shots soon. I'm going to put more skins in as soon as I can get usage of my floor mate John's Quick-Cam.

John Diamond (not the same John) also gave me the idea to put bots in so that the game can be played in single player.. I've looked at some of the bot source and it looks like that would be a bitch to do. Still, I will keep investigating it. Chances are that I will do some kind of version which will be playable in single player.

9-25-97 It's 3:30 am. I just finished testing Horrorshow with a bunch of my friends here at Tower C. We ran a four player game and it was a blast. I've been making a lot of changes to the network code and it's fairly stable now. I have a lot of bugs to fix and new features to add, but overall the game is fun! And frightening! Some people actually screamed while they were playing (me included). You'll see what I mean when you turn around and find a shambler about to smash the crap out of you, or if some mad chainsaw psycho jumps down the stairs and starts chasing you, or emerges out of the shadows unexpectedly. For the shambler things worked out almost exactly as I had hoped - you chase around victims while they run trying to escape your deadly reach, sometimes poping off shots backwards. Most of the time you kill them either when you surprise them or when you back them into a corner. The chainsaw guy maybe needs to be made faster because the victims ended up killing him more than I had hoped. In almost all cases, the victims were safer in groups were they could bail each other out and confuse the killer - this makes for a good teamplay experience. It's also fun to be the killer - hunting out your prey. Anyway I think I accomplished my goal of creating a new play style for DM plus making it fun. Time to get some sleep.

9-24-97 HI! I've begun beta testing of horrorshow. If you'd like to sign on as a beta tester, email me here.

9-23-97 - Hey all, I've done a lot of stuff (again). I started and almost finished a third level! It's definately one of my best ones to date. The level consists of an old abandoned church with an old graveyard next to it. It looks *really* frightening, and it has a very consistent mood. I added some more ambient sounds in for this level.. The ambient sounds really make a difference and they are a big part of the fear factor. You'll have to play the patch to see what I mean, because I really believe in not spoiling surprises for people. Just trust me when I say you won't be disappointed. I also made up some trees which blow a bit in the wind and drop all their leaves off, a-la Hexen. It looks very good, especially since the trees and leaves are all models rather than sprites. As for my second level, I'm not sure what I'll do with it. I'm just not satisfied with the way it came out. I'll probably make it available for download on here, but I'm not gonna release it with the rest of the stuff. I also haven't decided how many more levels to make (if any). I've pretty much exhausted all of the traditional horror settings. Plus, the two included should keep people busy for long enough. There are some screenshots for my third level down below.

On a side note, if you have any comments or suggestions for stuff you think I should include, let me know. I'm very open to new ideas - chances are that I'll put it in the game.

9-21-97 - Been doing tons of stuff on Horrorshow. I started my second level and it's looking cool. It's based a bit loosely on the H.P. Lovecraft tale, Call of Cthulu. If you've ever read the story, you should recognize the connections. I also did TONS of atmospheric stuff. I put in some random sound effects for the Mansion.. I won't spoil them by telling you exactly what they are. I also put in lots of chanting and otherwise demonic background noise for the second level (horror2.bsp). I will also be putting up a couple shots of that soon enough. Plus there's some other surprises you'll just have to discover yourself. Besides, that's half the fun. ;) I put some screenshots of my second level in progress down below. I will probably be making a third level too.

9-18-97 - I added some cool stuff for the killer. I took some sounds from Doom's chainsaw (Don't worry, I will be giving id full credit for them, and I'll try to get official permission to use them). Anyway, I added in a 'reving' sequence for the chainsaw - it looks really cool and should scare the shit out of any innocent victim. I also re-skinned the chainsaw v_model. I'm getting ready to add some more gory stuff for my levels and start on the second level. If you've ever read H.P. Lovecraft, thats what you can expect for it. I'm also thinking of adding some random sound effects like footsteps or other wierd things just to frighten people. And of course there will be demonic chanting of the famous "Cthulhu F'tagn!" for the second level. ;)

9-15-97 - Later

I've been busy today ;) I finished the mansion level, and I fixed the precache bug. I even made a mirror texture to show off GL-quake's mirroring abilities. I stuck that in the bathroom and in one bedroom. I'll have to make up some new screenshots to show off the new rooms I made. Next I'll be working on the Shambler level... How the game works is, it assigns a random person to be the killer. Which killer character it assigns is set by the level. When the round is over, (ie, fraglimit or timelimit reached), then a new killer is randomly assigned.

9-15-97 Hi all! Since this is the first update, here's what's left to do:

I'm planning on a near-Halloween release for the TC just for the mood. ;) The game'll probably be done before that tho, so I'll probably release around the fifteenth.


The characters from left to right: Chainsaw Jimmy, Victim, and the Shambler. Yes, that's right you can BE the Shambler, and when he walks, the screen shakes. :)

Note that these are not to scale. The Victim is probably the shortest character, and the Shambler towers over all of them.

One Final note on the Victim character - that's my floor mate Chris's face on there. I got that with John's Quick-Cam. I'm going to try to grab pictures of everyone I know on this floor and use their faces for different skins.

Here's a shot of the alternate character skin. Yep, that's me, complete with NiN shirt (even tho it's kinda blurry). I don't know why, but I just love seeing myself holding weapons.


You'll note that you can tell which weapon a character has because you'll be able to see it in his hand.

Here's someone giving a good beat-down with the bat.

Here's the butcher knife in action.

This is the pistol.

Gripping the shotgun...

Weapons Not Pictured: Dynamite and Punch


The Mansion

A couple shots of the main hall.

The Kitchen.

The Dining Hall.

A nice comfy chair by the fireplace...


Inside the Church during a lightning flash

A couple shots of the cemetary outside the church.